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Sort Out Your Crap Life!

In 2008 Claire Anstey was involved with a pilot that was looking for people that were dissatisfied with their careers and fed up of struggling to make their life content. This was her introduction to techniques that improved her life, her thoughts and her emotions.

The pilot didn’t go anywhere but Claire Anstey did. This new knowledge blew her away. She would stay up late reading and searching for more information absorbing it all like a sponge. This stuff made her feel good enough and content for the first time in her life. Finally she felt happy with herself. What she read made her feel invincible. It caused her life to steer into a whole new direction and she just knew she had to share it.

18 months previous Claire had lost her soul mate to suicide. Aged 29 and after recovering from a battle with depression and cocaine addiction Aaron took his own life literally hours before Claire had the opportunity to tell him she wanted to get back together. This tragedy broke her in every way and she fell into her own downward spiral. It was this pilot that got her back on her feet.

In her debut book SORT OUT YOUR CRAP LIFE Anstey shows you how to uncover what you really want from your life and shares exercises that will enable you to create balance within it. Find out ways that will allow you to lose the friends that are dragging you down and attract new and exciting people into your life. Learn how to love yourself and know that you a wonderful person whom deserves a fabulous full and fun life.  Solve problems with ease and gain the confidence to make all the changes you deeply desire.

This book is an amalgamation of the wisdom Claire learnt from experts across the globe, it gives us a sneaky peeks of her own private diary when she was experiencing her pain, pitch perfect quotes from a spectrum of 21st century gurus spanning Mahatma Gandhi to P Diddy and a 21 day plan so that we can create change for ourselves just like she did.

“I can see so many lost people around me and it doesn’t have to be this way, I know for a fact that it doesn’t have to be this way as I am living proof that you can change things. This is the book I wished I could have given Aaron when he was experiencing confusion within his life. This book is dedicated to him. 10% from each book and 20% from each eBook goes to CALM in his honour.”

To get a taste of the book and try some of the exercises yourself today Anstey has given us some for you to download and do today. To get started, click the images below in the order arranged and get started on sorting your life today!

Exercise 1, “Dream Thieves”

a)    b)     c) 

Exercise 2, “Shoulda Woulda”

a)           b)

Exercise 3, “Mirror Mirror”

a)         b)  

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