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CALM in 60 Seconds: Jamie Scahill.

CALM hits The Shire – That’s East Lancashire

What do you do at CALM, Jamie?
I promote CALM in East Lancs. – in Burnley, Pendle and Hyndburn. We are working with the best club nights, DJs, sports clubs (e.g. Burnley F.C.), colleges and supporters in the area who believe in CALM and help us to spread the word. This week I’m going into the local college to explain to students what CALM is all about.

So for you, what’s C.A.L.M all about?
Our immediate aim is to reduce suicide rates in E.Lancs. But CALM is also more general. It’s about getting people to talk to one another – to relate to one another. Spreading the word about CALM can only help people do that.

Have you got anything particular on the boil right now?
Yeah, I’m also working on CALM fanzine, which will be a local magazine written by budding local journalists and given out for free. I hope to get this to print this Spring.

It sounds like you work a pretty varied job, with lots going on.
Yeah. I’m meant to work 3 days a week for CALM but it tends to spill over a bit [Jamie laughs]. The important thing is get people talking about CALM. Then if someone begins feeling depressed they will have hopefully heard of CALM and know where to turn [for help].

What’s it like promoting CALM in East Lancs?
Across East Lancashire there aren’t that many obvious ways of raising awareness. There are no big club nights like there are in Manchester or Liverpool, there’s one night club in Burnley. You have to work the grass roots a bit more and get to know the area really well.

Are you suggesting Burnley is not the next European Cultural Capital?
Not quite but we’re only 20 minutes away from Manchester. I love it in East Lancs though, in fact a few years ago I bought an old house there – first built in 1905 – and did it up. I stripped the whole place back. There were 4 old carpets laid one on top of the other! I find when you drive out from Manchester and suddenly reach the Moor Road over to Ramsbottom, I relax.

“The important thing is to get people talking about CALM Then if someone begins feeling depressed they will have heardof CALM and know where to turn.”

You get the best of both worlds. What did you do before CALM?
I used to work for Mondiale publishing performing research of licensed venues in the North West. I also studied part time for a marketing degree. I mean in my previous jobs I’ve promoted at night clubs. Now I arrange club nights on the weekend. The experience has helped me understand how to promote CALM and the contacts are very useful.

And what attracted you to working for CALM?
I fancied the challenge of working for CALM and using my marketing skills. I remember the interview for CALM being challenging. I’m working on a limited budget and trying to make something happen where it hasn’t before. It’s all about the challenge!

If you’d like to find out more about anything you have read in this interview, want to get involved or would like to make suggestions, please get in touch by emailing Jamie Scahill, click here.

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