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Kayvan Novak A.K.A. ‘phone jacker’ does CALM

A groggy Thursday morning under a dark and dour bridge, by a canal where you’re more likely to find bicycles, prams, supermarket trolleys and who knows what else than fish… that CALM met up with Kayvan Novak, the genius behind FoneJacker and now Facejacker on E4.

Kayvan’s in the middle of edits for a new series of Facejacker but had time to take part in a shoot for CALM’s London launch on November 25th.  After briefing him on what CALM does and how suicide is still the biggest killer of young men in London, we got down to the nitty-gritty. What advice would you give your 15 year old self? “Relax, don’t worry, the girls will come!” Life feels far more serious when you’re 15, with all the pressures of school, college, fulfilling ambitions, growing up, fitting the mould of a ‘man’, girls. “Relax more, 15 year old K!”

The star of Fonejacker is kept awake at night by his neighbours talking on their phones, perhaps to Terry Tibbs or another unlikely bonkers character of the otherwise thoughtful and relaxed Kayvan. And what’s his guilty pleasure? Questions like this can go a bit blue… but the real bafflement comes from how McDonalds make those egg mcmuffins. What’s going on with them? What kind of chicken have they come out of? Kayvan’s a fan anyway.

In his spare time he likes reading autobiographies full of hackneyed cliches, but he gave us this beauty: “I don’t know how you can feel good in your life. I think you just have to search around and find something that makes you feel good. If it’s a sausage and egg mcmuffin, so be it.”

Check out Kayvan’s top CALM jingle at the top.

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