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CALMzine Issue 2: Ahhhhhhh GEEK OUT!

As the great Nile Rodgers didn’t say but should have: ‘Le geek, c’est chic’. That’s right, folks – geeks are officially cool and in recognition of this misquote we have purposefully manipulated in order to fit our agenda, the new issue of CALMzine is all about the wonderful world of Nerdism.

Geekery has moved on a long way since the days of gaining automatic entry into the Nerd Squad purely by virtue of the fact you wear glasses on your pasty face. These days dorks come in all shapes and sizes. Some have 20:20 vision, some have perfect skin, some occasionally venture outside, for god’s sake. There is a definite geek revolution on the cards so let’s not be shy – we’re all nursing a plethora of painfully dorky skeletons in our collective closets, but let us hide them no more! We must revel shamelessly in our Star Wars figurine collections; boldly celebrate our passion for Open Source Operating Systems; Feel proud in the knowledge we can quote The Princess Bride from start to finish. Join us, comrades, for The Geek shalt inherit the Earth!

This issue features  cover interview with electro god and cosmology nerd Kissy Sell Out; art show illustrations from Nikki Pinder; the joys of LARPing by Alix Fox, as well as regular gold from Frazzled Daddy, Dear Josh and the bimonthly Rant. So give your joystick a rest, mate, and get reading.

CALMzine is currently scattered far and wide across London Town for you to pick up for FREE. (It is also available here in a swanky digital format.)  You can find it in Topman stores and select venues throughout the London CALMzone (that’s Westminster, Hammersmith & Fulham and Kensington & Chelsea), so check out student unions, select bars and night-clubs, gyms, indie cinemas, colleges, youth centres, comic book stores, book shops, skate shops – basically if you’re there, we’re there.

If you’re a promoter or business-owner in inner north-west London and would like to stock the CALMzine, or you’d like to get your mitts on a copy, then contact Dan on

There’ll also be a super-nerdy Nintendisco club night on February 29th at Vibe Bar, Brick Lane where we’ll be launching the new CALMzine issue whilst playing video games and listening to the sounds of CALM ambassador RKZ and DJ Das plus Nintendisco DJs. Perhaps so darn nerdy it’s actually kinda cool….?

Got some feedback on the magazine or would like to contribute to the next issue on SEX? Contact Rachel on / Follow us on Twitter @CALMzine


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