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London2Brighton Challenge

Hang on, is that Mr. Motivator??

Ever had one of those days where you’ve walked for ages? Did your feet hurt? Perhaps you had an afternoon nap? Well you need to work on your stamina! Marcia, Kelly and Nicole completed the London2Brighton challenge, walking 100km (60 miles for you imperial folks), non-stop to raise money for CALM. We cannot emphasize enough the mental and physical toughness required to complete such a gruelling challenge. Here is Marcia’s short account of their epic challenge.

Kelly, Nicole and I successfully completed the L2B Challenge. Nicole in a time of 28 hrs and 20 minutes. and Kelly and I in a time of 30 hrs and 43 minutes.  It was the single most physically challenging and mentally tough event we have ever done.  When we set off from Richmond Old Deer Park with our team, there was much talk, banter and even a pub quiz – this didn’t last very long as we began to realise how difficult it was going to be to keep focused.  The hardest part was walking through the night with no sleep, in deep mud and having to climb over so many stiles.  We had never been so glad to see the sunrise!  Nicole, Kelly and I split up at the 53k point as Kelly and I were feeling quite ill, the medic told us we were dehydrated and how many people had underestimated the heat of the sun that day.  As day turned to evening, many people didn’t drink enough so by the time we reached the halfway point, it was beginning to take its toll.  Nicole pushed on ahead with our other team members, whilst Kelly and I tried to recover so that we could carry on – we honestly thought at that point we were going to have to pull out. However, with some rest and rehydration, we were able to start on our way again about 1 and a half hours later.  Climbing the South Downs was a tough part of the course, a very steep ascent – our walking poles came in very useful at this point.  We had spoken to Nicole earlier, she had already climbed this part and her advice was to walk in the road, use our poles, keep going and drink small sips of water all the way up, we managed to get to the top not feeling too bad.  Kelly and I formed a great team, pushing and encouraging each other every step of way – once we reached the 75k point, we knew we just had to finish and we did.  Nicole finished the last part of the course by herself; she was very brave but was very determined.  We have all since realised how mentally strong we must be to be able to complete this type of challenge, however, I’m not sure I would want to do it again!

What more can we say other than “WOW!” Their stamina and strength has so far raised £2930, Marcia raised £1400, Kelly £1055, Nicole £475 with £750 match-funded by Camelot. Even though they have already completed the event, you are still able to sponsor them here.

Thank you ladies! We are totally amazed and thankful for your efforts.



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