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CALM Reviews: Battleship, SAFE, The Admiral and then some

DVD: The Admiral

Cert 15

This is the tale of Japan’s entry into the Second World War, from their point of view. It tries to explain why, with only a fraction of the military muscle of the United States, Japan started a war they knew they couldn’t win, and what they hoped to achieve by doing so.

Admiral Yamamoto, Commander of Japan’s fleet, is portrayed as a wise family man who advises against war with the USA and warns of the dire consequences of such action. He then finds himself unwillingly leading the attack against Pearl Harbour and also in command at the Battle of Midway.

Yamamoto is seen drumming home the necessity of a declaration of war being given to the United States prior to the attack, stating that even the samurai would kick the pillow of a sleeping enemy. With this forewarning he believes Japan could sue for peace shortly after Pearl Harbour, as they had successfully in Manchuria with the Russians and the First Sino-Japanese War with the Chinese. Despite his demand Yamamoto discovers the message was actually delivered after the event and not before, and that Japan is now committed to a long drawn-out war. This is an interesting side to the story of the attack on Pearl Harbour in December 7th 1941, which US President Franklin D. Roosevelt historically calls “A date which will live in infamy”.

Subtitled, this fascinating and well-made film is released on DVD and Blue Ray on 24th September 2012.

You can watch the trailer here:



Cert 15

We’re well used to seeing Jason Statham in action-packed movies and ‘Safe’ certainly doesn’t disappoint. Luke Wright (Stratham) puts a cage-fighting adversary in hospital and then faces the wrath of the Russian mafia, who’d bet heavily on his opponent. With his wife murdered and his life on a downward spiral Luke is saved by a chance meeting with a young Chinese genius by the name of Wei, (Catherine Chan), who happens to be fleeing the same villains.

Wei is the pawn of her adopted father, a local Triad Chief, who is desperate to get her back. Life becomes even more complicated as a group of corrupt cops play one gang of villains against the other, and Wei soon finds herself back in her father’s clutches.

This film has fight scenes so realistic they’ll make you wince. Jason’s character wades through the Russian mafia and Triads alike as he tries to rescue and protect Wei. As the bodies pile up, and the hospital wards find themselves overflowing, the bad guys begin to realise they’ve bitten off more than they can chew. Jason Statham’s coming, and he’s not happy.

This DVD is released on 10th September 2012.

You can watch the trailer here:


DVD: Battleship

Cert 12A

Starring Taylor Kitsch, Brooklyn Decker, Liam Neeson and apparent renaissance woman Rihanna, this film has drawn mixed reviews, and one can see why. Take the cliché where Lieutenant Alex Hopper (Kitsch) comes to blows with Yugi, the captain of a Japanese warship, then through adversity the two becoming friends. It’s extremely unlikely that a Captain of any naval vessel would behave in the way Yugi does; and then there’s the big question – if the primary weapon system of the destroyers are their missile systems, why didn’t the ships use these in the initial engagement, rather than their gun, to attack the alien vessels? Lastly, the USS Missouri is now a tourist attraction, yet she still has ammunition and fuel onboard? Come on…

Despite this Battleship is an extremely watchable film. Kitsh’s antics to entrap the woman he loves would make any serviceman proud, and the action scenes are well-paced and superb.

Battleship opens with a message being beamed deep into space, to a recently identified Earth-like world. The next thing you know, visitors from that planet are heading our way, and they don’t have good intentions. There’s an obvious opening for a follow on, or two, and if they are as good as Battleship then we are in for a treat. If there’s a message in this film, it has to be, ‘be careful what you ask for.’

Battleship is out now on DVD and Blue Ray

You can watch the trailer here:


BOOK: The Grimoire by J.K.Easter

This is pure Magic! Jason Kurt Easter has created a masterful work in which wizards and the evil Lord Zalbar battle over the Grimoire – a magical book sought after by many and protected by the wizard’s Overlord. Young wizard Fizbar is tasked with an errand to settle a dispute between a hunchback – a race he dislikes – and Korrigans (sprites that have gone bad), only to find himself drawn deeper into Grimoire’s conflict. This is an excellent read. I was unable to put the book down and read it from start to finish in one hit. I feel we can expect great things from Mr Easter, he’s an author to watch out for.

Published by Firsty Authors, available in eformat version on Amazon, buy it here.


BOOK: Aria: Left Luggage by Geoff Nelder

When a suitcase is found on the space station and brought to Earth an amnesia virus is released, and rapidly spreads throughout the planet. Imagine feeling ill and going home on a bus, only to arrive at your destination and not know where you live or how you got there. If you do manage to get home you then pass this highly contagious disease on to your husband or wife, and children.

Ryder realises what is happening and persuades a group of friends to seek refuge in a secluded Welsh valley, in the desperate hope that they can survive as civilisation begins to fall apart. The big question, of course, is how the virus got to the space station in the first place, why and what happens next?

With advice on the space station from Astronaut Leroy Chiao and artwork by award winning artist Andy Bigwood, Geoff Nelder has produced a well-researched, original and highly readable three-volume epic.

Published by L.L. Publications; Aria: Left Luggage is available in printed and electronic formats. Buy it here.


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