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GARY’S STORY: The Checklist

To see where you are going, first look at where you have been“: A saying that has served me well in the past and I know it can for you to.

It may sound like common sense but few people actually look with analytical eyes at their life, so here is a checklist to help find the flame I mentioned in my original post HERE.

1) Guys, be truthful with yourself. Why are you where you are now? I know this is like opening Pandora’s box but, by knowing this, you can help prevent history from repeating itself.

2) Now look and think ‘what will happen if I carry on down the path I’m on now?’ You may envisage the worst, and it’s natural to do so, but don’t let it scare you.  Merely accept that it could happen.

Now the two hardest steps, but stick with me…

3) Ignite the flame. Find the one thing in your mind you want to achieve, or equally don’t want to lose. For me it was my so, but it can be anything.  No right or wrong answer – this is unique to you. Focus on it and feel that passion build in you to meet that goal. At this point your mind will start looking for answers. “How will I achieve this ?”, “where do I get the money?” etc.  This is brilliant, as your mind is now gearing up to help you. Ask yourself positive questions: “How easily can I get help?”, ” Who can I go to, to get information I need?”

Any time a negative thought comes up, such as “you’re not smart enough” or “you always fail, why will this time be different?” tell yourself, “that was the old me. I am not that person now. I have to do this to get what I want and to get where I want to be.” Kick the doubts in the arse early.

4) Keep this positive momentum going. Everyday sit for moment and go over what you want in detail. I found by doing this every morning when I was walking around town, subconsciously my brain was looking for ways to help me and point things out I had never noticed before.

5) Write down and discuss your goals. Friends, colleagues, family, CALM, Samaritans, Citizens Advice Bureau – they are all there to help, not hinder, you. Every problem has a solution and the more people who know you need help, the more help you will get.

That’s it. 5 steps that can change your thought processes and put you in the right frame of mind to move forward.  Don’t expect miracles over night, but it will happen over time.

You are not alone.


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