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“You feel the need to take the whole world on to your own shoulders.  You feel the need to take on everyone else’s problems & make them yours.

Why do you do this? To make sure that the people that you love and hold dearest to you are protected?

You’re not doing this to prove to everyone else that you are a ‘Man‘ – only yourself.  You think you’re doing the world a favour, taking on everyones troubles, relieving others of their stress.

You’re not.  You’re making your own world more stressful, and even worse, you’re ruining your positive mentality by taking on all the negative vibes.

You reach a point, a point where you can’t take it anymore.  You feel as if you’re going to fucking explode.  But you’re a man; everyone expects you to be the hero, you need to be the hero, right?


There’s a fucking giant explosion. Whilst trying to protect everyone you love, you end up turning into a monster and become the very thing you tried protecting them from… ironic isn’t it?

The stereotypical image of a ‘Man’ is fucked. It puts pressure on us as Men.  This stupid, ‘Manly’ image of being a strong, silent hero, taking on problems and sorting the world out is what seems to screw us up.  It makes us scared to let out our emotions, to cry, to talk, to express how we feel, so show ‘weakness’.  This image of the ‘hero’ turns us into egocentric, self-centered, vain people. We end up too proud to show emotion; too ‘Manly’.

It takes a bigger Man to let out his feelings and ask for help, than a ‘Man‘ who bottles it up.

Talk, there is always someone willing to hear you.”

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