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I’ve been a fan of the band Ten Years After for some time now. I won’t claim I know an awful lot about them but I have a couple of their albums and singles.

They were a British blues/rock and roll band formed in the 60’s who played Woodstock and the Newport Jazz Festival. I discovered them after Blockhead sampled the guitar from Love Like a Man on a remix of MF DOOM’s All Outa Ale.

My favourite song on one of their more acoustic albums, A Space in TimeA_Space_in_Time, is a tune called I’ve Been There Too. As Alvin Lee’s lyrics trickled slowly into my consciousness over a couple of listens I realised how simple and brilliant they were. They made me think of CALM immediately and I don’t know why I only recently realised that this song could be a fitting anthem for the cause.

I recommend looking at the lyrics after you’ve already listened to the song but here are  both. I hope you enjoy it. I dedicate it to the friends I wish I’d played it to.

Ten Years After – I’ve Been There Too

There’s someone somewhere who can’t go on
Their life is crying, it’s all gone wrong
What can I say now to help you through
Except to say that I’ve been there too?

Your soul is aching, you can’t see it through
But time is healing each day you do
Keep looking forward, forget the past
It’s up to you now, don’t let it last

You got to wake up, shake up
You got a right to live
Shake up, don’t break up
You’ve got a lot to give

You’ll wake up one morning, you start to feel good
The sun in the blue sky looks like it should
’cause time is a healer, it’s strange but it’s true
So, keep looking forward, the sun will come through

You got to wake up, shake up
You got a right to live
Shake up, don’t break up
You’ve got a lot to give

Songwriter: ALVIN LEE

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