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TurnTedium into Tremendous: Part 1

We all have to put up with boring every day tasks, but there’s no reason why you can’t transform mundane in to FUNdane.  Ahem.  Dave Smallcalder gives his weekly shop a shake up…


Once you’ve weighed up whether you want a price comparison offer from a supermarket or how many shopping trips you’ll have to make before obtaining enough reward points to get an all inclusive Eurostar package to Paris from a different shop, you’re ready to grab that wonky, wheel-jammed trolley and commence your weekly shop.

You may have been organised enough to compose an actual shopping list or, like me, left everything to the whims of current hunger infatuations and rigorous budgetary induced special offer purchases. Whatever you’re strategy is for this tiresome weekly ritual you may  find it is one that permeates feelings of gloom, despair and minimal self-loathing. So, without further delay, here are my suggestions to make this even an altogether different experience:

  • Mirror Racing – Simply pick an unsuspecting fellow shopper and mirror their every move. This will, of course, limit your own shopping needs but will no doubt be a far more entertaining use of your time. Upon arrival at the final aisle, enthusiastically scream, “On your marks, get set, go!” and then speed off to your imaginary winning line of choice.
  • Time Trails – If you find the above option somewhat ill advised and perhaps a touch intrusive, take the more sedate option of merely timing yourself as you go round. Feel free to break the supermarket down into sections and if the mood takes you, announce your personal records to passers by.
  • Power Sliding – Last and by no means least, allow your childlike enthusiasm for the life break free and rush down the aisles falling to your knees and sliding across the floor, filled with glee and wonder. I did this in Co-Op on Mother’s Day. At 32 years of age my mother was less than impressed.


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