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POEM: Ballad Of Victory

Ballad of Victory by Chama Kay

I slay demons 
on a daily basis

Not in castles or dungeons
or other mythical places
because for me battlegrounds 
are not hard to find
I slay the demons in my mind

I don’t chase my victims
through caves and mazes
nor do I fight on a field 
against foreign strangers
the enemy lies within me

And I must have my victory

I do not ask you to pity me
and never you dare make this fight
your own
for the ghouls and goblins are not here
for you
They are here for me

Here to bring about my defeat
a defeat which will never happen

I know
you have seen me seem to lose
lose sleep, lose blood, lose self
And I know because of this 
you want to help
I am not saying this cannot happen
but the best you can do
is be at my side
when I choose to attack them

The cavalry sent to rescue me
need not arrive
to those who have cheered me on
I am grateful 
to have done battle to the sound of your song

But this time
I will stand
Head held high
And when the demons call
Which they always do
I will let out a mighty cry

‘Winning is hard. Winning leaves scars. Winning sometimes looks like losing, but I carrying on regardless. And every day I am here, winning is me. Demons of the day, consider yourselves slain. You may leave me in pain. Even leave me insane. But all of this is me, and it shall always be. That as the sun peeps over the horizon, I will have my victory!’


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