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THE CREATIVE RISING: Ceiling Demons & the Creative Process

Artist and project collaborator, Tim Coomber takes us through the process of how the recently released Every Step ‘Follow The Lights’ remix by Ceiling Demons & FOLD came into being, and why they wanted to support CALM.  Over to you, Tim…

This is an insight into the creative process; how two bands, a filmmaker and an artist separated by thousands of miles and across time zones, inspire, collaborate & create. The era of the creative is rising.

Ceiling Demons cover

Since releasing their album ‘Dual Sides‘, Leeds based hip hop duo Ceiling Demons (aka brothers Dan Demon & Psy Ceiling) have supported the phenomenal Mercury Prize winners, Young Fathers, on the UK leg of their world tour. They have been heralded by alternative hip hop legends Arrested Development, played and praised on XFM by Scroobius Pip and supported the mighty De La Soul at York’s YO1 Festival. They recently released a ‘Follow The Lights’ remix, which provides a positive and uplifting message and aims to raise awareness and funds for CALM.

Dan Demon explains why they chose to support CALM: ‘We have to alleviate the stigma of suicide and depression. Being a lad in Britain means you don’t talk about your emotions.  You can go down the pub and let off steam, but things can brew underneath and get dark. We did it for the love, to represent the people we’d lost’

The creative process is one of being inspired by anything creative.  It’s a great day when you lay down the burden of having to be original; it’s the load that has weighed down so many artists throughout time. There is nothing new under the sun. There are only so many colours and chords. We are human. We are driven by our senses. We listen. We watch. We breathe. We create nothing new. We learn. We explore. The creative knows no boundaries.

Demons live in leeds

Ceiling Demons live in Leeds

Based in Leeds, FOLD are a live trip-hop four piece who integrate spoken word with samples in experimental ways.

Band member, Seth, explains the process of remixing Every Step ‘ I never have a clue when something going to work out or isn’t.  I just keep on experimenting.’

With Every Step we advance, creation is ceaseless. Raise the benchmark; go higher than the ceiling. Life will continue while all the time, the conscious and sub conscious are in a continual process of evolution.

Breathe, be still – be water my friend – keep creating.

The creative process is free.  Innovation seeks new ideas. Share resources. A process of likeminded people striving to create the best they can.

Beat Demon in the studio

Ryan is a filmmaker [The Bad Ideas] and a poet musician aka Deadbeat, based in Ohio U.S.A.  Ryan: ‘I’ve been a Demons fan right from the first E.P. We knew of each other’s work and now I’m collaborating with them’.  Shot in Ohio, the filming of the video was the beginning of a long process, with hours & days of rendering, colour correction & editing.

Ryan continues: ‘The video has cost maybe $100 so far, I bought some things I haven’t used so budget is never a constraint for me. Usually having a big budget just means people standing around doing nothing – everyone in Hollywood knows this. It’s like a sad joke’

Knowing when to walk away is a key ingredient to the creative process. Step back. Sleep on it. When you return, you’ll know and more times than not your mind will be blown away by the results.

First Ceiling Demons image ink on paper

First Ceiling Demons image – ink on paper

Tim Coomber did the artwork for the track, which was initially inspired by an image found in a comic. Psy Ceiling: ‘It’s amazing to see how a comic image of a mask down an ally can turn into what Tim has done: an imagery that permeates so many creative spheres. Seeing all these different kind of artists doing so much with a tune a couple of lads put out- watching all this going on around us has been an incredible journey. Every Step is moving forwards, getting better. Anything to raise the awareness of the issues CALM deal with’. 

12 men take their own lives every day in the UK.  That’s one every two hours.

Suicide leaves scars and ripples that effect all of us. It’s the reason we create. I have lost too many friends to suicide.  The message is simple

No more lost human potential.

Find a way to express yourself. Write it down, play music, take a walk, paint, create, dig a hole. It’s like Bill HIcks once said ‘It’s just a ride, and we can change it any time we want. It’s only a choice. No effort. No worry. No job. No savings and money. Just a choice, right now, between fear and love.’

Original version of Every Step artwork

The result of this creative collaboration is EVERY STEP [FOLLOW THE LIGHTS] REMIX. To help raise awareness of CALM, Ceiling Demons are putting together a bundle of goodies for auction that includes a signed copy of Dual Sides, limited edition Amputated Spirit CD, Ceiling Demons T-shirt, stickers, badges, setlists, original paintings & ‘Every Step Follow the Lights’ artwork. The auction ends on 5th December, so bid on the auction here.

The single is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer as well as a ‘name your price” via bandcamp, with all proceeds going to CALM:

Ceiling demons:


Ryan .W. Martin


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