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POEM: Don’t Seek To Die

Ashby McGowan submitted this poem, which was written to encourage men to seek counselling when needed.

Don’t Seek To Die
by Ashby McGowan

I have seen, as you now see it, the path ahead, looking endless, without hope
So I know how hard it can be, in life, just trying to cope,
Climbing a hill that forces you on to your knees,
No matter how hard it is, struggle on, please!
Look for goodness in each thing that you find
Find meaning in the day-to-day grind
For this world needs you,
And the things that you do
Don’t seek to die

Sometimes, facing the day ahead can seem like an impossible task
But there are friends out there, to walk with you, you just need to ask
There are gifts and abilities that you can find,
If you search deeply enough, within your own mind
I have stood where you now stand,
So I feel I can offer my hand,
Don’t seek to Die

Wrongs you have done,
But you’re not the only one
Try to do all you can to help those you once left in pain,
But, eventually, you must walk on, being cleansed by the rain
You feel have been let down, by a lover or friend,
Most of us will feel like that before our life’s end
Find things that you can do, and do them the best that you can
Reach out to each woman, give respect to each man
And please, don’t seek to die

You have so much to offer along the way
We need people like you in this world, so stay
You have your own unique way of seeing
You are alert to the suffering felt by each being
Your compassion should be seen as a cause of elation,
Not something to be punished by isolation
We are all Islands, it seems,
Separated by our own selfish dreams,
But, if you just think for a moment, you will agree with me:
Every Island is joined, each to the other, under the sea
Don’t seek to die

Things will not be better when you have, “gone away”
Your friends will be grieving through each night and each day
Find meaning somewhere: in doing good,
In Art, or religion, or even your food
Mostly, find meaning in what you do
And, whatever you do,
Don’t seek to die

If you’ve been affected by suicide, you will find information and support at Support After Suicide. If you need help, our free, confidential and anonymous helpline is open 5pm until midnight every day, as is our web chat service. 

(Photo credit: Rashaun Black Photos)

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