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YOUR VOICE: Is Your Glass Half Full Or Half Empty?

These thoughts were sent to us by Rob, and they brought such a smile to our faces in CALM HQ that we had to share…

To me, CALM isn’t a website. It’s not a charity. It’s not ‘that thing with Professor Green‘. It’s a bar. A cliff. A vodka, that final one you down in despair before you make the wrong decision. But it’s not just any bar, it’s your bar, your cliff, the helping hand that you don’t have, but will. And it’s not just a website, there are real people who work behind that wall, people who don’t judge you, people who don’t say, “cheer up son, it might never happen.” Because, guess what, it has. And it was vile. And they get that. They know it has value, because if it didn’t have worth then it wouldn’t make you a veteran, of life. And veterans are tough, even when they are fragile, so I’m not going to say something cheesy, like Things Can Only Get Better, but what I will say is, there are alternatives to suicide.

I asked my friend if her glass was half empty or half full. She thought about it for a while, then replied, “it’s the wrong sized glass”, which made me laugh out loud. A cool answer from a cool girl, but the point is, she’s right. Life is not just black or white. So if you can find a way to just hang on, for a few more days, then colours will start to appear. And while you’re waiting, give CALM a call. It’s not some faceless corporate wall, it’s Professor Green (who you like) and some really kind people, reaching out to you.

Find out more about Rob by checking out his website.

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