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Web-chat poet: “I have to stop it bottling up”

As we celebrate 200,000 chats, here’s an insight into our anonymous webchat (with permission from the user), showing creative self-expression can flower in the most unlikely places.


03/20/2017 21:57:02 [Client]

Hollow Man
The hollow man sits down and forces himself to eat
Checking his phone for signs of his own existence,
and putting off the monumental struggle of washing a plate
Tasks completed ONE
Hours awake THREE
Cigarettes smoked FIVE
He contemplates a shower,
but requires at least another three cups of coffee before deciding to try again later
Which will no doubt be tomorrow,
or the day after
By now he has realized it is time for meal number three of the day
as he finally finds the strength to clear away the evidence of two pieces of toast
consumed several hours earlier
He thinks about reasons for stepping outside the front door
Before talking himself out of each one
Exhausted, he retreats to bed
In the vain hope that tonight
just maybe he can sleep

03/20/2017 21:59:17[CALM ]
love it- clear, simple, evocative… it creates a picture


03/20/2017 21:59:35[Client]
So if you want to use that feel free to do so


03/20/2017 22:00:07[CALM ]
do you want us to send it or do you with a few more as well? its up to you
03/20/2017 21:01.00[Client]
There’s a blackness in my soul that never lets me go
It sinks it’s teeth into my fears and tears me to the bone
It mocks me in the silence through the blackness of the night
Until it threatens to consume the remnants of all light
So send your false messiah on his guilt encrusted throne
As I’ve been knocking at those gates , salvation wasn’t home
Now I’m lining up my demons so I can slay them one by one
You have to face it on your own
The job is never done
As you face another day


03/20/2017 22:02:50[CALM ]

that’s just good


03/20/2017 22:02:53[Client]
It’s hard when you feel compelled to expose your biggest fears and weaknesses before people and they don’t even listen


03/20/2017 22:03:00[Client]
Thats the hardest part


03/20/2017 22:03:07[CALM ]

its vulnerable yes


03/20/2017 22:03:21[CALM ]
but its who we are


03/20/2017 22:03:30[Client]
It is …..but I have to do it to stop it bottling up and destroying me


03/20/2017 22:03:56[Client]
So when it comes to the point of not being able to take it beyond your own room ….it cripples your confidence


03/20/2017 22:04:19[CALM ]
yes, its too heavy to cope with on your own- the counselling may help. have you got the CALM email?


03/20/2017 22:04:28[CALM ]
let it out


03/20/2017 22:06:27[Client]
I haven’t , but I will put it on my contact list and I will email any poems , short stories or art …. If it helps someone to cope with they are going through or for others to understand , then that is worth more to me than anything


03/20/2017 22:06:34[Client]
Again ….as ever ….thank you


03/20/2017 22:06:39[Client]


03/20/2017 22:06:59[CALM ]
thank you for the poems, take care, best wishes from CALM

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