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FLAWES cover a Fleetwood Mac classic

London-via-Yorkshire trio FLAWES have just dropped a blissful cover of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Everywhere’ as part of Torch Songs, with a moody video to boot. We reached out to  JC, Huss and Freddie to find out where their heads were at in 2017. 


CALM: How’s life on the road lads? 

HUSS: Life in the road for us is always fun, we always find something to laugh about. One of the funniest moments ever was watching Fred scale down the side of a hill after we took a ‘short cut’ on a hike in the Hollywood Hills. He opted for the bum slide which didn’t turn out too well…

FREDDIE: I really enjoy being on tour, I think it’s great to see the progression of the show. Seeing the Griffith Observatory while out in LA was pretty special, the way down from the Hollywood Hills not so much..

JC: I’d probably say the most special show so far was on tour supporting Ella Eyre in Manchester in particular. Despite going on as first support the room was full and all of our family and mates from home were in the room too which was nice. I think we were all just totally overwhelmed by the positive response we got from the crowd.

One of the funniest moments ever was watching Fred scale down the side of a hill after we took a ‘short cut’ on a hike in the Hollywood Hills. He opted for the bum slide which didn’t turn out too well…

CALM: What is the songwriting process like with FLAWES. Is it spontaneous or do you follow a process?

JC: We like to try and keep the songwriting process spontaneous and fresh as much as we can, so it definitely varies. We’re always open to trying new ways of working, I never like to force a song though, it has to feel natural.

CALM: Why did you pick Everywhere as your Torch Song?

FREDDIE: I find Fleetwood Mac’s music in general really moving, the songs feel like they were written and performed with so much passion. The message I take from ‘Everywhere’ is such a positive one that it felt fitting for what you guys do at CALM.

CALM: We’re all about using creativity to express and even manage mental health and encouraging people to give stuff a try, even if they think they’re no good. Do you think the creative process improves your wellbeing?

HUSS: Having a creative outlet is very important to me. I think in general doing anything you enjoy that brings you satisfaction will improve your wellbeing.

FREDDIE: I always tell people that ‘wish they played an instrument’ to just go for it. Improving on my instrument has been such a rewarding process, you can’t beat the feeling of finally being able to play the song you’ve always wanted to learn.

JC: Yes I think so, it is definitely an amazing outlet and release. Even to just write out lyrics on what I am feeling is great, I have countless word documents of lyrics that never made it onto songs. For me that process gives me a real focus and a real reason and purpose to work for also.

 I always tell people that ‘wish they played an instrument’ – just go for it!

CALM: Do you experience performance anxiety?

HUSS: I don’t think I do, it’s more excitement to get up and perform. In the back of your mind there’s always something saying, “what if I make a mistake” but I just push that aside and focus on playing.

FREDDIE: I definitely get butterflies for the hours leading up to any performance, but I think that’s natural. For me the most nerve racking shows are surprisingly the intimate ones.

JC: Not so much performance anxiety but more nervous energy the hour or so before going on stage, I struggle to sit still. The only exception to that rule is if we’re ever under rehearsed and I’m nervous about a particular part of the set or song. “By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail” and all that.

CALM: As artists, what’s the best advice you’ve been given?

JC: Probably to just enjoy the ride. I’m definitely guilty of focusing on what is coming up next and not ever really enjoying the now or taking the time to reflect on the things we have done. It’s definitely a work in progress.

FREDDIE: I think constantly striving to improve has been the best advice I’ve received – realising that without hard work in all aspects of music you’ll quite easily reach a plateau.

I think constantly striving to improve has been the best advice I’ve received.

CALM: Tell us what you have on the headphones at the minute?

HUSS: There’s definitely a lot of new music out that i’m listening to at the minute, some artists that come to mind are Kendrick Lamar, ASAP Rocky, Maggie Rogers, Rationale & Post Malone.

FREDDIE: I’m a big fan of John Mayer, and I love his new album ‘The Search For Everything’. I’m also really enjoying the new material London Grammar have been releasing.

JC: Sigrid, Gallant, Shells, Fyfe and Muna are my favourite acts at the moment. We actually have a Spotify playlist, with all the new music that’s in our ears.

CALM: Who else would you like to see performing their Torch Song?

FREDDIE: I think it would be pretty special to see Fleetwood Mac’s take on a Torch Song…

JC: Anyone I mentioned above. I think just anyone who re-invents the song rather than just doing a straight cover. Thats what we tried to achieve with ‘Everywhere’, I’ll let you be the judge of if we succeeded or not.

FLAWES will headline the Marine Room (Harbour Hotel) on Saturday 20th May at 10:15pm as part of The Great Escape Festival and Radio 1 Big Weekend on May 27th. Follow @FLAWES on Twitter.

We want to know your Torch Song – share it online with the hashtag #whatsyourtorchsong.

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