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One minute briefs on the #BestManProject

One Minute Briefs is a simple and fun project that connects brands and causes by challenging a creative community on Twitter to respond to a brief in, you guessed it, one minute.

This week the brief came from CALM, in support of our Best Man Project: ‘Celebrate the power of male friendships’. Here’s some of our favourites, and why we liked them…


ANNA: It made me laugh! And plays on a film that exhibits toxic masculinity at its best/worst and very succinctly puts our core message across.


HANNAH: I’ve had some of my most important conversations with mates over food. Going out to eat can take some pressure off some of the scary conversations. We’ve all had some amazing (and terrible) wingmen too.


BEN: I like the play on a familiar format. Plus, I’m quarter-Irish, quarter-English and half Scottish. This touches every part of me.


SAM: I like GIFs.


RACHEL: Love the Solo pun, and makes you think about what familiar characters you ape in your own friendships, like who’s the Joey and who’s the Chandler?


LUCY: So slick.


PAUL: I’m a fan of simple visual metaphors, or what’s the phrase? Illusions? An analogue? I don’t know – it’s nice though.


RACHEL: Love the focus on getting together with one mate by championing the bromances we’ve grown up admiring.


ELVINA: I like the simplicity of this, and the fact that it covers you being amazing or crap at Pool.


RACHEL: This flips the notion of a public health campaign to focus on something everyday: getting up to no good with mates. Very CALM: non-clinical, accessible and relatable.

Join the Best Man project for more inspiring and ridiculous stuff to help you be a better best mate.

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