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The podcast that’s getting men talking

Jamie Day is a writer and blogger who can often be found sharing his experiences of fatherhood under the moniker A Day In The Life Dad. Now he’s launched a new podcast, Man Talk, in support of CALM. 

The pod touches on themes around men’s mental health and has featured guests such as Matt Read and Great British Bake Off star, Mat Riley. Here’s Jamie to tell us a bit more about Man Talk…

“Us men will be the first to moan about a bad back or the dreaded man flu, so why don’t we speak up about our mental health? Ask us about what we thought about the football and you’ll get an honest answer, but ask us how we feel, and if we’re not quite right, you’re probably going to hear a subdued, ‘I’m fine’.

From my own experiences with mental health, as well as people I know, those I follow online and see in traditional media, there are a hell of a lot of men who are simply not fine. But that’s okay, as the well-known saying goes, ‘it’s okay not to be okay’. What’s not okay, is when men don’t speak about it.

That’s why I’ve launched Man Talk, a podcast that’s aiming to normalise a conversation that has been constrained by stigmas, taboos and narrow-minded clichés such as “man up” for way too long.

I’ve struggled with my own mental health for most of my adult life – you name it, I’ve had it, but these days, after a lot of support from those around me, I finally feel comfortable sharing my experiences, my low points and my coping strategies with whoever it might help.

By travelling to meet a host of men, from all walks of life, who have experienced varying mental health issues, I hope to demonstrate that conversations about mental health amongst men needn’t be difficult or uncomfortable. Listeners can take strength from knowing they’re not alone in their struggle, and I’m hoping that the show might even give them the nudge they need to reach out to a charity such as CALM or someone they know, or make an appointment to see their doctor.

Mat Riley has been a guest on Man Talk

If Man Talk can help just one person take the first steps to speak up, then I’d consider it a huge success. With time, I believe shows like this, along with the power of social media, can ensure the constraints silently damaging far too many men can be removed for good.

You can subscribe to Man Talk on all the regular podcast platforms, and please get in touch with me on Instagram to let me know what you think @adayinthelifedad.”

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