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10 steps to a great 10K

It’s less than a month until CALM take over the ASICS London 10K. And with over 300 joggers, runners, sprinters and bit of everything-ers taking to the streets to support CALM, we chatted to Run CALM coach Ollie McArthey for 10 top tips on smashing your goals and having a grand ole’ time. 

Hey Run CALMers! Ollie here. The ASICS 10k is just around the corner and although I’m sure you guys have this 10K in the bag, here are some final pointers to help you train, prep and run on the day:

1. Train for time not for distance  

When you are training, focus your efforts on time. Getting out for 30 minutes takes the pressure off having to achieve a distance and you can run at any pace.

2. Mix up your training 

Although getting out on the roads is important, you don’t always have to train like this. Spin classes, weight training, yoga, sprints and Zumba will all help towards your end goal. They’ll all help increase your fitness and bring variety to your workouts.

3. Save time, train fast 

Doing higher intensity work is great if you lack time. Sprint work on the treadmill, a speedy 2km on the roads, or a High Intensity Interval Training session will help build your running capacity. My ideal sprint format is 4 sets of 4 minute sprints with 2 minutes rest in-between.

Brit 10k CALM

4. Take the pressure off 

Getting round the course and raising money for an amazing cause is enough reason to celebrate. Sometimes trying to achieve a personal best or hit a certain time can make things overwhelming. At the end of the day, we are proud of your efforts regardless! You should be too. 

5. Have fun 

No, really. It will be an awesome day with thousands of people running. Races like this tend to show the best of human nature. Enjoy the cheers, smiles, sounds of feet on pavement and the achievement of running 10km around the capital. It may be hard but once that medal is round your neck, it’ll all be worthwhile!

6. High fives 

Make sure you give your fellow orange-vest-wearing runners a high five when you see them. With over 350 runners in our ranks there is bound to be a fellow Run CALMer nearby. Give them a high five and share the CALM love.

CALM Brit 10k

7. Start slow, end fast 

Those pesky pre-race nerves can get the best of you sometimes and many people have gone out of the starting blocks guns blazing to find it tough later in the race. Starting at a nice comfortable pace will allow you to speed it up later if you feel the need.

8. Kit check 

Make sure you set out your stuff the night before and have all your kit ready. You don’t want to turn up to realise you packed a high heel instead of a running trainer.

9. Don’t run on empty 

Make sure you have a lil something to eat on the day. You may not be hungry (those pesky nerves are back again) but even a banana or a slice of toast can help fuel you on the day. You will be burning energy so make sure you have something in the system when you start!

10.Try to avoid pre-race boozing 

Whether it’s the night before or for a little dutch courage, alcohol acts as a diuretic, which means it will speed up your dehydration. Stick to soft drinks before your run, as there will be plenty of time for a well earned celebratory beer after!

There you have it, you’re loaded with your pre-race tactics. All that’s left is a huge good luck and we’ll see you there!

Not running the ASICs 10k? There’s still time! Sign up here, or find out more about Running CALM.  

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