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After Life x CALM: Hope is Everything

Talking about grief can feel really tough. If you’re experiencing feelings of loss and grief, you can contact the CALM helpline. We’re here every day, 5pm-midnight, with free, confidential and practical support on 0800 58 58 58 or through our webchat.

And we have loads of advice and help here too.

"Hope Is Everything"

If you watch After Life you’ll know the bench in the graveyard plays a pivotal part in the show. It’s where Tony talks to ​​Anne, his graveside confidante. They’ve both experienced grief and they meet up regularly – Anne is the one person Tony can let his guard down with, can open up to and be himself.

And we know talking to someone you trust really can help. Opening up about to your mates or family is not an easy thing to do. But starting that conversation can be the start of getting the support you need. By helping them better understand and support you, you’re giving you – and them – the best chance of doing that.


Tony is distraught but we’ve seen him make the choice to live, again and again – and, by taking small steps, has decided to stay.

After Life shows, no matter what you go through, that there is always hope, always a reason for living. And that’s why we launched Stay – to show you that things can change, no matter how you feel right now. From our helpline and the stories of our supporters we know that one word, one reason, one moment of closeness, can mean another day alive.

Find out more about Stay.

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