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Art To Save Lives

We’ve teamed up with CALM ambassadors and all round stars The Connor Brothers and JEALOUS, a brilliant, contemporary gallery based in East London, for a really exciting project, Art To Save Lives.

And we mean really exciting. JEALOUS are known for their collaborative approach to producing high-quality limited edition prints and for this collab we’ve come up with something very special. On the same second Wednesday of each month, for 12 months, a different well known artist recruited by The Connor Brothers will release a limited edition print via The Jealous Gallery. And we’re starting off in style with seminal artist and reverspective creator Patrick Hughes and his piece 'Greybow’.

Rainbows are an unexpected and passing pleasure, with lots of bright colour in a huge semi-circle. When we are down in the dumps even our rainbow goes weak and grey and flat. But there is another way of looking at my picture - this miserable patient has got up and gone out of the window into the bright blue yonder.

I support CALM because sadness and suicide are such serious problems. They can be helped or even solved with love and work and imagination.

Patrick Hughes

JEALOUS will be raising money for our life-saving services and joining us, united against suicide. In line with the most up-to-date UK statistics, every day 18 people take their own lives. We exist to change this.

And in acknowledgement of this tragic statistic there will be 18 prints of each design released each month, sold for £250 each. That money will help us to do so much to make sure we’re there for people who are struggling and desperately need help.

We’re needed now more than ever. Since the government announced lockdown in the UK the CALM helpline has answered 69,080 calls and chats and directly prevented 242 suicides.
"Jealous feel honoured to have been asked to partner with The Connor Brothers in supporting CALM’s life-saving work with a long exciting Connor Brothers/CALM/Jealous collaboration"

Dario Illari, founder of Jealous Gallery

People talk to us about all sorts of topics: isolation, anxiety, relationship concerns, health worries, financial stress and suicidal thoughts. This partnership with JEALOUS, The Connor Brothers and the amazing artists who have agreed to take part will make sure that we continue to be there and if people ever need to talk to us we’re here for you, every day, no matter what.