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Big Buzz Off tips and FAQs

Big Buzz Off tips and FAQs

Ready to make a hair-oic gesture this lockdown and join #TheBigBuzzOff, but just have a few questions? We’ve got you. Below is all the info you need to get going on shaving off those lockdown locks.

So what exactly is a buzz cut?

You probably know the buzz cut – a very short hair cut, usually done with hair clippers set anywhere between 1 – 4 depending on how short you want to go. But the style is up to you – fades, crew cuts, undercuts and more. Get creative or just go for a close crop. 

Right, I’m ready: how do I do a buzz cut?

You should be able to find many sources and guides online, but some top tips include:

  1. If you’re using hair or beard clippers, always move against the growth of the hair.
  2. Use clippers on clean, dry hair that’s clear of product.
  3. Ideally use a mirror and, if possible, get two – that way you can see what’s happening at the back as you trim (no one wants to end up with a mullet).
  4. Start with the bottom and sides before moving up to the hair at the top of your head.
  5. Finish by tidying up the edges around the ears and neck.
  6. Now it’s time to rock your new buzz cut.

And here’s Kem, CALM ambassador and former barber no less, to share his advise on how to make sure you look sharp and your buzz off goes without a scratch:

What should I use to do my buzz cut?

  • Electric or battery hair clippers are best – if you don’t have any, buy online, or borrow (safely) from a neighbour.
  • Beard trimmers (and even dog clippers) will do, it might just take you a bit longer! 
  • If you’d rather not go full buzz, pick up some scissors and go for a cut, just please follow the safety guide and advice below.

Can kids take part in the Big Buzz Off?

Anyone regardless of age or gender can take part but please think about the following:

  • If your kids are cutting your hair make sure they handle equipment carefully
  • If your kids want to have their haircut, make sure they’re aware that they will look very different after it! Only buzz cut their hair if they are enthusiastic and unwavering!
  • If you’re planning to scissor cut your hair or your child’s hair, please stick to the safety advice above. If you’re not very experienced using scissors to cut hair, can result in injury so be careful. Hair clippers are a safer option, especially if kids are involved!

Some tips to stay safe as we’re social distancing…

  • Always adhere to government social distancing guidance – share your cut on social media or group video chats
  • If you’re borrowing clippers or cutting tools, keep your distance from the lender and wash/disinfect all items before and after using
  • Ensure all children are under strict adult supervision if using hair cutting tools and devices
  • Hair clippers or trimmers are safer than scissors with less risk of injury
  • Blunt household scissors can damage and split the hair, so sharp hair scissors are best. Be extremely careful using these, particularly around the ears