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Dave buddies up with CALM to say #BeTheMateYoudWant

Small gestures can mean a lot to someone going through a tough time, but recent research commissioned by UKTV Channel Dave showed that over 1 in 3 men wouldn’t know what to do to help a friend who's struggling. That's why we've teamed up with Dave to say: be the mate you'd want.

Over the next year you'll be seeing CALM and Dave teaming up across social media, radio ads, billboard posters, and even in your local pub and cafe – encouraging men to look out for their mates in whatever way they can.

To launch the campaign, Dave dropped its adverts tonight at 9:09pm to show a hilarious four-minute film voiced by Taskmaster star James Acaster asking viewers to take time to check in with a mate.

The perfect partnership

Dave is a very British TV channel, reaching 19 million viewers per month with top shows like Taskmaster and talent like CALM ambassador Romesh Ranganathan. With A 60% male viewership, resonating with men of all ages, Dave is the perfect partner for CALM.

The power of small gestures

2,300 people in the UK were surveyed in research commissioned by Dave. 86% of men agreed that they would want to help a mate going through a tough time, but tellingly 35% wouldn’t know what to do. The survey also revealed a big difference between men and women when it came to noticing the warning signs: 41% of men find it difficult to recognise when their friend is having a tough time, compared to 26% of women.

Some key insights showed that small gestures can make a big difference to people going through a tough time.

  • 38% of men said they would appreciate a message from a mate

  • 48% would appreciate friends making them laugh

  • 41% would appreciate a friend suggesting they go for a drink

Dave and CALM aim to give people a little nudge to speak up and check in on their mates. We'll celebrate the power of simple gestures with wit and panache (and a helping hand from some big pretty deal comedians.) In 2019, there'll be a podcast, a commissioned comedy, and all sorts of other surprises. We can't to wait to share it with you all!

Luke Hales, Dave’s Channel Director commented:
Research has highlighted that millions of men experience loneliness, but suffer in silence. This campaign is our small gesture for anyone who may be going through a tough time. We hope it will encourage people to reach out to friends who need a reminder that someone is thinking of them and someone cares.

Simon Gunning, CEO of CALM stated:
Suicide is a problem that affects everyone, so CALM aims to work with the whole of society on campaigns that change culture and encourage help-seeking behaviour. Dave and CALM’s ‘Be the mate you’d want’ campaign will help to promote a positive, proactive and empathetic approach when it comes to mental health. One of the fundamental issues is that, when men are finding things tough or struggling with their mental health, they still face social stigma, so we hope the campaign will create a positive environment where men can feel comfortable opening up to and supporting their mates.

Check out more on #BeTheMateYoudWant over at Dave's website.

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