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Define CALM ‘Ambassador’:

Define CALM ‘Ambassador’: A fucking immense individual who has gone above and beyond from ‘time’ without us even asking them to, and still to our amazement couldn’t actually be doing a better job of representing and promoting CALM antics. We decided to slap a name on it … even if we had the money, you just can’t buy this shit.

NB: More Ambassadorial announcement from Merseyside coming right up!

SONNY representing …

Sonny Wharton stepped up and seized Topman on behalf of CALM when we launched in London but Sonny and CALM go way, way back … and still there isn’t really a day that goes by that Sonny doesn’t give us a wave on Twitter or in other ‘big-up’ opportunities, no matter what corner of the world he's in – next up Korea, then London.

Sonny said: "I'm very humbled to be helping raise awareness for CALM. As guys, we aren’t naturally the most forthcoming about dealing with pressure and often bottle our problems up - I think it’s really encouraging that there is a charity like CALM to offer the help and support that a lot of young men really do need when they feel low. Hopefully through the fun vibes of music we can help bring focus to this in a positive way! Sonny Wharton 2012


Majestic representing …

Majestic helped CALM takeover Topman and it was quite apparent then that he ain’t stopping until he helps us take over the world. We have to confess, we’re partial to a bit of world domination and so you can see why we get on.

…and then Majestic said: Calm is an important charity to me because I fully understand the social pressures of being “a man”. It is important for every human being regardless of gender to be able to express their emotions, which is something that men find difficult. I express my feelings through music and that is why I am proud to be an ambassador for CALM.Majestic 2012

How do you like these Majestic apples?


RKZ representing …

RKZ is a new man on the block making up for lost time. RKZ had been shouting down a virtual megaphone to spread the CALM love since we met him in December. He just ‘gets it’ and he’s making sure the world of Hip Hop is getting it too through the Twitter-Glitterazzi (which he can totally dial up when he wants to) and through the 100% online interactive 16BARS Magazine - check back here in a few to see it for yourself!

RKZ said:My aim is to get CALM exposure, first and foremost. Even if people don’t start calling the helplines straight away, and least they know it’s there for them. It’s so important for people to realise that feeling depressed is something that CAN be helped. At the end of the day, you are always in control of your own thoughts. Focusing your mind, and channelling positive thoughts is a lot easier said than done, but it’s not impossible…RKZ 2012