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Evelyn film inspires walk & talks all over UK

CALM joins forces with the makers of Academy-Award-winning documentary Evelyn, to combine screenings with walks and panels around the UK, celebrating the healing power of reflection and honest conversation.

Evelyn is a powerful story about a family bereaved by suicide. The film follows the family on a hike across the UK, and documents their bereavement process as three siblings confront a past they’d previously found hard to discuss, while repairing fractures in their own relationships. The beautiful film has Oscar-winning director, and Evelyn's older brother, Orlando von Ensiedel, at the helm.

Watch, walk and talk in your local area

Inspired by Evelyn, CALM has joined forces with the family, The Ramblers and the film makers to combine screening around the UK with walk & talks through October and November, and we'd love you to get involved. Screenings of Evelyn begins on 27 October, and will be followed by Q&As with CALM supporters, members of the Academy Award-winning film team and Evelyn's family.

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Evelyn marks a departure from von Einsiedel’s previous films in conflict zones, which include Oscar-winning Netflix short documentary The White Helmets and BAFTA and Oscar-nominated feature documentary Virunga.
"When my brother died, I buried the bad memories that surrounded his illness and death, but in doing so, I also began to forget the good memories of times I shared with Evelyn. None of us — my youngest brother, Robin, my sister Gwennie, or me — could bring ourselves to talk about what happened. It took thirteen years for me to be able to say my brother’s name again. The process of making the film — of walking, and talking about Evelyn and what happened — was hugely cathartic and has helped set us on the path to healing."

Simon Gunning, CALM CEO, said:
"Suicide affects thousands of lives in the UK every year, and remains the single biggest killer of men under 45. Awareness and the prominence of this issue is growing and we believe that’s partly down to projects like Evelyn that force us to confront a subject which we, as a society, shy away from. We're proud to be working alongside the Evelyn team and we believe the film will help people tragically bereaved by suicide."

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