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Exercising Kindness

2020 has been a hard year for all of us. But while the world seemed to pause, kindness continued and helped pull us through.

And we want that kindness to continue. That's why we’ve teamed up with KIND Snacks to highlight the positive effects of kindness on your mental health. Being kind strengthens relationships and develops community.

So, heading into 2021 we’re encouraging the nation to strengthen their mental health through organising kindness.

We don’t need to say much because it’s all in this 2 minute and 23 second video - watch for a chat between Simon, our CEO, and Harry, Mental Health Project Manager at KIND, and see what we want to achieve together:

This is a cause that sits at the very heart of the KIND Snacks brand and working together we'll be able to champion the importance of exercising kindness and the proven mental health benefits it brings - boosting confidence, happiness and optimism.

We've also worked together to make sharing kindness that little bit easier with four tips that will not only help your mental health but also help you pay kindness forward throughout 2021 and beyond:

1. Connect

Staying connected with friends and family can give our wellbeing a boost. While many of us are battling with Zoom fatigue, checking in on our loved ones and listening to what they have to say can make things feel a little brighter.

2. Control

It’s natural to want to feel in control, especially in times of uncertainty, so focus on the things you can control and make you feel better, such as getting a good night’s sleep or watching your favourite show. If you find you’re fixating on the “what-ifs” and worst case scenarios, it can help to limit the amount of time you watch the news and go on social media.

3. Consistency

Many of our routines have been drastically altered and it can feel overwhelming. Not knowing what to do with your day or how it’s going to pan out can leave us with more time to dwell, so creating a loose routine can give back a sense of focus and help lower stress levels.

4. Compassion

We all have different worries and we’re all experiencing different emotions, so it’s really important to not be too hard on yourself or others. Don’t berate yourself for feeling upset, or beat yourself up for not doing enough – you will have good days and bad days.
And this partnership will provide kindness in more ways than one - KIND will be making a 5p donation for every pack sold in WH Smith, who will be matching the donation, and Tesco at the start of 2021 to support our vital work. So you get to eat a delicious snack AND know you're helping save lives. Result.