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Fundraise through games

Fundraise through games

Play against living miserably and raise money for our life-saving services. This isn’t just gaming. This is next level. This is gaming for CALM.

To find out more about gaming for CALM head HERE.

Fundraise while you play

There are loads of ways to turn your passion for gaming into a fundraiser for CALM. Maybe get your mates involved in a pay-to-enter tournament? Or donate £1 from every goal you score in your weekly Rocket League session? Or (and this is the most popular one)  live stream your gaming and get people donating? Whatever way you do it, you’ll be raising vital funds for our life-saving services.

Get more top tips – and a streaming How To –  in our Gamer’s Guide to fundraising HERE.

When you’ve decided how you’d like to raise money for CALM, set up your fundraising page HERE. Just click the start fundraising button to begin your page (you can go back and make changes any time.)

Lastly, make it official by registering your plans with CALM using the form a little further down this page.

Build CALM into the game

Develop games? You can include CALM and proudly show your support in game.

We’d love to hear about your concept, or come up with an idea together. It could be anything from giving players the option to donate by dropping a gold coin in a wishing well to a Patch purchase that includes an automatic donation to CALM. Get in touch with us HERE.

In their latest update, FIFA added our very own CALM kits, a new crest, and stadium dressing to proudly support our campaign against living miserably and give players the chance to play in the stylish CALM jersey. Special FUT Kits, supporter signs and LED boards all carry our messages about tackling the stigma around suicide and mental health. Read more about it HERE.


What to play?

Play something you love, give your mates a laugh playing something you hate or be inspired by the List of Lists. That list has over 500 games from the super popular to the relatively unknown, all curated by Taming Gaming. Although it started out as a way of looking out for kids who love games, it’s become an awesome asset for all gamers. One of these curated lists might inspire you:

Attempt the impossible: The games in this list are known for being difficult. They wear the difficulty as a badge of honour. Take them on!

Big budgets: Big, brash and popular with high visual and interactive quality. What’s not to love.

Build resilience: You know games – they present you with a challenge and the joy comes from taking it on and overcoming those obstacles. These games help you build up your resilience.

CALM it up

Make sure to CALM up your socials and streams.

We’ve got snazzy (yes, we said snazzy) frames, banners, inlays and other social assets in our CALM Gamer’s Pack HERE.

Get social and share your plans on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/TikTok/Discord using the hashtags #TeamCALM and #GamingForCALM. Remember to tag us on Twitter @theCALMzone, on Facebook @theCALMzone and on Instagram @CALMzone.

You can also share videos to your stream and socials from our YouTube channel.

Be Inspired

Head HERE to check out some of our gaming heroes and how they turned their passion for gaming into a great fundraiser for CALM.

If you’d like to see even more fundraising stories, head HERE to our Gaming for CALM fundraising campaign on Just Giving. You can check out the various fundraising pages that other people have set up for ideas and see the friendly community you’ll be joining by #GamingForCALM.

We also follow our supporters on Twitch. Check out CALM’s channel HERE.

Make it official

Now that you have the ideas, tools and inspiration, make your #GamingForCALM official and tell us your plans using the form HERE.

Thank you

You legend, thank you for being part of CALM’s Gaming community. You’ve joined Ukie, First Touch Games, Fifa, @Bateson87, Nintendo and many more in supporting CALM through gaming. Immense.

All done and dusted with your fundraising? Pay it into us, and don’t forget to tell us what you did so we can thank you properly. If you’ve been using JustGiving, or something similar, then don’t worry – it gets sent through to us automatically.

Thanks for supporting us and being part of #TeamCALM.

Remember CALM is here for you

Remember that CALM is here for you no matter who you are or what you’re going through.

Our free and anonymous helpline and webchat are open every day, from 5pm-midnight. If you need support, or are worried about someone, you can get help HERE.