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Need help? Call our helpline 0800 58 58 58
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Take your event online

Take your event online

During these utterly-weird times you’ve been continuing to astound us with your properly innovative ideas for raising money and awareness. We’ve put together a bucket-load of inspiration, so you can get online and get involved too.

Game for CALM

While we’re in lockdown, why not fire up your favourite game and play against living miserably. 

Get your mates involved by staging a tournament! With the rest of the football season and the Euros postponed, recreate it by hosting an epic Fifa tournament. Charge an entry fee to take part, and get your football shirt on. Find out more HERE

Live stream your gig

So many of you beauts do comedy night/gigs/poetry readings for CALM. Why not live-stream your creative genius using Facebook Live or Instagram Live. Ask punters to donate what they would have paid for a ticket (or their drinks at the bar, taxi home or cheeky kebab). Set up a Facebook event and add a donate button to a post so people can make the donation directly to CALM. Or share on your instagram story, where you can add a donate to CALM sticker. Don’t forget to tag us on Facebook @theCALMzone and on Instagram @CALMzone using #TeamCALM so we can see how it went!

Check out CALM’S awesome ambassador, Frank Turner who did his own livestream to support his touring family, while also shouting out CALM’s life-saving services. It was watched by over a quarter of a million people. 

Hairy situation

Look, we’re all gonna come out of this with awful hair. No two ways about it. So which way you gonna go? 

#TeamGrow – just keep growing. Post updates on your scraggly beard or weird back of the neck hairs. Add a donate button to your updates; keep everyone entertained and raise money. Nice. 

OR #TeamShave – just take it all off. Set up an event where people can tune in to watch your shave off all your locks and donate to CALM too. Live stream the shave on Facebook Live. Put the details on Facebook, where you can add a donate button to the post. Ask your mates, family, colleagues and everyone in between to donate what they can whilst you take the shaving plunge. We want to watch too so tag us on Facebook @theCALMzone.

Follow CALM’s advice from our own Big Buzz Off HERE.

Keepie Uppie challenge

Despairing over your Sunday league being cancelled or cricket season being postponed? You can still knock a ball around. 

Challenge your mates to a keepie uppie challenge with a fee to enter going to CALM. (Just make sure the valuables are stashed away!) Share it on socials and add a donate button to your Facebook posts. Tag us #KeepieUppieForCALM on Twitter @theCALMzone and on Facebook @theCALMzone.

Get quizzical

You can’t head down to the Nag’s Head for a bevvy and some trivia, nor host that Quiz for CALM in person, but there’s no reason you can’t do it from home.

Download Zoom or Houseparty,  and e-vite your pals, mates, buddies and mum – come on she’ll be bored to. Create a Just Giving fundraising page and drop your link into the Chat feature so people can donate. Oh, and don’t forget the questions! Team CALM is a great quiz team name too, we hear.

Run that Raffle

If you’ve already sourced the prizes, or you’ve got some mates happy to donate some, online raffles are one of the easiest ways to fundraise, especially using Raffall.

It’s simple to use and set up, and they take care of the ticket drawing and other necessary stuff. You can also request a Letter of Authority from us to prove you’re after prizes for charity.


Whoever knew virtual bake sales were a thing? Hold a bakealong with your friends using Facebook Live or even Instagram Live and ask everyone to donate £5 to enter. You can even make it competitive and ask people to post pictures of their efforts – best judged creations get a prize!

If the eggs and flour are running low, you could do a cookalong and see what you manage to make out of those cupboard staples – we call it survivor style cook off!  If you already had a facebook event set up, you can add a donate button to a post or set up a facebook fundraiser where people can make the donation directly to CALM!

Donate your birthday

Now might feel like a crap time to have a birthday. Sorry mate. Never fear, digital hangouts to the rescue – try Houseparty for a social gathering with the option of games. And set up a Facebook fundraiser where everyone can donate the cost of the pints they would’ve bought you to CALM.

Join a collective

It’s at times like these that we need to come together. And what better way than over something you love?

CALM Collectives are all about getting together, doing what you love and feeling better for it. And although we can’t get together face to face right now, our Collectives have active online communities. You might not be able to run with other people, make art collectively, or play for your football team for a while, but you can chat, share encouragement, experiences, stories, laughs, failures and successes. Sound good? Get together online over the things you love HERE.

Make it official

Got an idea? Want to chat to us about it? You can get in touch with CALM here

Looking for some more inspiration or guidance, find it in our fundraising manual here.

Raring to go? Register your plan here, and set up a fundraising page for your friends and family to contribute to. We reckon loads of people would love to see regular updates and videos on your progress – after all, what else is there to do? 

Then head to CALM Kit to order some digital CALM swag to help make the most of your fundraising on social media. Think Facebook banners, logos and more.

Thank you

Thank you for supporting us. You are a legend. 

All done and dusted with your fundraising? Pay it into us, and don’t forget to tell us what you did so we can thank you properly. If you’ve been using JustGiving, or something similar, then don’t worry – it gets sent through to us automatically.

Thanks for being part of #TeamCALM and our Campaign Against Living Miserably.

CALM is here for you

We’re all on lockdown and that can be a really strange thing to come to terms with.

Remember that CALM is here for you no matter who you are or what you’re going through. Our free and anonymous helpline and webchat are open every day, as normal, from 5pm-midnight. If you need support, find more info here.