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CALM and the Kent FA have teamed up to use the power of the game to help get everyone talking, support people with their mental wellbeing and show you that there’s always someone on your side if you’re struggling

Together we’re going to make sure that everyone involved with football under the Kent FA has access to CALM’s potentially life saving services and advice.

In fact, Kent FA have gone one step further and agreed to CALM’s 3 point pledge, making them truly the first CALM FA. We’d love you and your club to join the team too.


Read the full pledge here.

Want to make your club part of CALM?

Kent FA is now a CALM FA. Yup, that’s right, all leagues and clubs. What does that mean?

You play football because you love it. Because football helps. Because even if the week’s been a bit crap it’s something to focus on and look forward to. You see, the nerves of the first whistle, the anguish of a last minute draw or aching legs from a shift at left back… They’re a small price to pay for being part of something bigger. To know you’ve got a team of people on your side who are looking out for you.

That’s why CALM is here for you every day. We know there will still be those rivalries, those dodgy penalties, and those 50-50s in the middle of the park, but you’ll be doing it with CALM in your mind and on your kit.

We want everyone to know that when they see that badge on your shirt they know it means you’re talking to a person, an organisation or a club who are recognised by CALM as here for you. And that’s where you come in.

CALM can help you:

  • Spread the word about CALM
  • CALMify your team or league with materials and digital assets
  • Learn more about what CALM does and why
  • Empower you to signpost to CALM’s services if you ever see someone struggling

It means together, we can use football for good, to help everyone who might be struggling and to lead a movement against suicide.  It means, together we’ll tackle stigmas and change the game.

Kent FA CALM Champions

As part of CALM and the Kent FA’s partnership we’ve made a commitment to appointing Kent FA CALM Champions. And we want you to be one.

It would probably help if we said what they were, wouldn’t it? In a word they’re Boss but in a few more helpful words have a read and see if it’s for you, or someone you know.

We’re looking for anyone involved with football with the Kent FA to take on some off field leadership and help get CALM into the lives of people in Kent and beyond. 

The Champions will combine being a captain, a fan and a scout – but, if that sounds like a lot, don’t worry: we want this to fit in alongside your current football commitments. So don’t sweat about how much you can do at the moment as there will be loads of ways you can add to the initiative.

  • Captains off the field and show leadership representing CALM in your networks
  • Fans of what the we’re doing, support the message and singing our name 
  • Scouts Identifying where Kent and CALM can help in the lives around you

At least one Champion will be appointed per league in order to help get CALM’s messaging into Clubs and into the lives of individuals.

Sign up below and tell us why you’d like to be involved.

The Kent FA will take it from there and let you know when inductions are taking place and how you can stay in touch with us.

Find out more

The Kent FA are currently our first county FA partner – but if you’ve found yourself on here and play under a set up that isn’t under the Kent FA umbrella, don’t worry – we’ll soon have an initiative for you. Email us so we can register your interest!

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