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Andrew Lawes

Featured writer

Andrew Lawes is a 27 year-old writer from Northern England. He works as a support worker, and is presently studying a degree in English Language and Literature with the Open University. A long-time sufferer from depression, Andrew has taken to writing, as he finds it therapeutic. Andrew hopes his writing can enable fellow sufferers to realise that they aren’t alone in their battle.

Andrew writes for CALM because they are a fantastic resource for men suffering with mental health issues. They are very open to giving new writers opportunities, and they enable Andrew’s writing to reach far more people than Andrew alone would be able to.

Thank you for reading Andrew’s writing, he is extremely grateful, and hopes it can make a difference to you in some way.

His writing can be found at, and you can follow him on Twitter @MrAndrewLawes

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Andrew Lawes

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