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Fabio Zucchelli

Featured writer

Who the hell am I? Fair question. Well, I write about mental health from my own experience of depression and anxiety, and from working in the NHS as a support worker and Employment Specialist. Sharing a mission with CALM in empowering young men to feel comfortable opening up about feelings and all that girly stuff, I try to practice as I preach. My pieces (or ‘treatises’… ‘treates’…? as I modestly like to call them) aim to convey experiences shared by so many young men across the country, reminding us that we’re often not as alone as we think. I sometimes am alone with views on sport, and football in particular, so also enjoy espousing these opinions on CALM. I tweet, retweet and follow what Michael Owen is eating for dinner from @FabZucci, write on sport, music and general nonsense at Sabotage Times and collect my musings in an online journal, or ‘blog’ as some of the young scallywags are calling it, at Enjoy and look after yourself.


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Fabio Zucchelli

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