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Mark Hendy

Featured writer

Hey, how are you? I’m Mark.  I’m a writer.

I’m originally from Devon but I live in Manchester at the moment.  I work as a freelance copywriter.  This basically means I write descriptions of things.  Dog food, bras… anything really.  I used to work for Deborah Meaden.  I once parked my Metro in her parking space at work and got into trouble.

I’ve always had anxiety and depression.  In 2006, I started writing as a kind of release, and a year later, began work on a book.

“Panic and the Inner Monkey” is a fictionalised account of my experience with panic attacks, and the monotony of office work.  In 2008, I printed 100 copies, and put them up for sale on ebay, advertising on myspace and facebook. I got some press coverage, and a year later my book was published.

My second book, “Piccadilly Line” is a reflection on a generation torn between having fun/staying young, and knowing they should grow up and be responsible.

I am currently trying to grow up and be responsible.

I tweet.  A lot.

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Mark Hendy

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