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Mary Chang

Featured writer

So how exactly does an American girl hear about a suicide prevention campaign clear across the pond in the UK?  As the editor-in-chief of There Goes the Fear UK/US music Web site, I’d heard a bunch of my band friends were DJing at a charity event in February 2011 in aid of a charity called CALM.  After some research, I discovered what amazing things the folks at CALM were doing to raise awareness of male suicide in the UK and to assist those that need help.  I’m so pleased to see CALM’s positive effects across the country and how the campaign just keeps growing and growing.

Music runs through veins; playing my bass and writing about music are the two things in life I’m most passionate about.  When it comes to the writing, I often consider how music can bring colour into life where there is none, as I believe music can be a non-judgmental and effective saviour when you’re dealing with mental health issues.  I trained as a biologist in university, so expect science-y boffin pieces from me too, such as the essay I did on the effects of drugs on the brain in the 2012 Drugs issue.

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