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Standard Issue podcast invites some men, has some laughs, raises some funds

Back in November last year, on the day that has become known for Richard Herring’s Twitter timeline, the lovely folks at Standard Issue podcast put on a gig like no other. To mark International Men’s Day, the show, which is self-styled as “a podcast for all women”, invited – *gasp* – a load of blokes. Top notch funny blokes in fact.

Excellent hosts Sarah Millican and Hannah Dunleavy were joined by Elis James, Richard Osman, Sanjeev Bhaskar and Tom Allen, talking about who they’d have a pint with, whether comedians should read their reviews, and the question men almost never hear: how do you juggle a career with taking care of a family?

In honour of men everywhere, the Standard Issue International Men’s Day show audience raised almost £300 for CALM. Cheers!