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Team CALM Assemble inside

Team CALM. It’s never been about the miles run or the money raised. Team CALM is about coming together to live a life less miserable, for you, your mates, and, well, everyone. And in these utterly-weird times, that’s no different - we want you to stay safe, healthy, connected and as not-bored as possible.

But in true Team CALM style you’ve been continuing to astound us with your properly innovative ideas for raising money and awareness. CALM’s helpline and webchat are open from 5pm - midnight everyday for anyone who needs them. And at an unprecedented and challenging time like this, they’re in more demand than ever. From online game tournaments and live-streamed gigs, Team CALM have already come up with a whole host of ideas to help us keep CALM services running.

CALM is here to help anyone who needs us through this challenging time, and that’s only possible thanks to the incredible efforts of you lot. Wanna help fund CALM and our helpline and webchat services during this period of social distancing? We’ve put together some ideas on things you can do from the comfort of your sofa (or selected self-isolation zone).

Donate your coffee/commute/pint/super-niche yoga+rollerblading class

We’re all about doing what you love for CALM. But since we can’t really do what we love right now, why not donate the cost of what you love to CALM instead? That morning coffee you enjoy before you sit down at the office? The Friday round that you get in for your mates or colleagues after work? That tasty meal deal you’ve been buying every single lunchtime? The dosh you fork out on that sweaty bus ride - ok, perhaps you don’t love that. Either way, they’re all on pause. If you can spare it, why not donate some of the money you would have spent on those things to CALM. Just £8 is enough to fund a call to our helpline and potentially save a life. And you can still drink that pint at home in your pants (result).

Head here to make a donation to CALM’s services.

Game for a game?

James Buckley has even been in on the action - signposting his followers to CALM helpline services over on his gaming channel Completed It Mate. If you’d like to support CALM while you game, you can find more information here.

Wanna play with your mates? Why not stage a tournament? Choose a game to play - from Fifa to COD and everything in between (yup, that includes Crash Team Racing) - charge an optional entry fee to players, get some virtual or IOU prizes sorted out, and play online until a winner is crowned. Added bonus? You get to catch up with your mates and show off your skills (or not).

Don’t climb the walls, get outside for CALM

So the way you exercise has probably changed, and any events you had planned - well they’re probably not going ahead as normal either. But that doesn’t mean you can’t support CALM.

Exercise is important for physical and mental health - it’s why you’re allowed to exercise outside once per day as part of the Government’s current social distancing rules. Whether you enjoy walking, running or cycling, why not challenge yourself (while sticking to government restrictions and keeping yourself safe)? Like this guy who ran a marathon on his balcony! From 5K-a-day, to cycling the length of your commute in a week, there’s loads of creative ways to stay active and fund CALM’s services at the same time.

Can’t head outside right now? No problem. There’s heaps of challenges taking the internet by storm. Whether it’s push ups, sit ups, star jumps or a whole house-relay, challenge yourself and the people you’re sharing your home with to something sporty.

Got an idea? Want to chat to us about it? You can get in touch with CALM here. Raring to go? Register your plan here, and then set up a fundraising page for your friends and family to contribute to. We reckon loads of people would love to see regular updates and videos on your progress - after all, what else is there to do?

Looking for something CALM branded, we’re working really hard to find new and innovative ways to support the Movement Against Suicide. Watch this space...

Welcome to the house of fun...

Ok, we’re all gonna be inside the house/flat/boat/place where you live, a lot more. And that might mean spending more time with family, housemates, partners or pets. Why not set up some challenges to keep things fun? Think Don’t Get Got, social-distancing edition. Whether it’s a swear jar style challenge, The Game (yeh, you just lost), or a Paper Scissor Rock standoff, get creative. Make your forfeit a small donation to CALM - pennies or pounds, it doesn’t matter - and everyone’s a winner. Fancy taking part in some online office fundraising? Conference call bingo is a thing...

Get quizzical

You can’t head down to the Nag’s Head for a bevvy and some trivia as normal, but there’s no reason you can’t do it at home. As quizmaster you’ll want to choose a hosting platform - google hangout, Skype, Houseparty, Whatsapp - and a date and time. Oh, and don’t forget the questions! Simply e-vite your pals, mates, buddies and mum - come on she’ll be bored too - and ask for a donation to CALM where possible. Team CALM is a great quiz team name too, we hear.

Do a gig

Got skills? Join the likes of Coldplay, Charlie XCX and Frank Turner in throwing a live gig to entertain your mates, friends and family. Whether you’re a piano player like new ambassador Zak Abel, or fancy showing off your karaoke skills for a laugh, putting on a show is a great way to alleviate that lockdown boredom. And if you get beer spilt all over you, you can shower it off straight away. Ace.

Join a collective

It’s at times like these that we need to come together. And what better way than over something you love? CALM Collectives are all about getting together, doing what you love and feeling better for it. And although we can’t get together face to face right now, our Collectives have active online communities. You might not be able to run with other people, make art collectively, or play for your football team for a while, but you can chat, share encouragement, experiences, stories, laughs, failures and successes. Sound good?

Get together online over the things you love here

Share our stuff

And if you’re struggling…

There’s lots to think about right now. From financial worries, to anxiety around you and your loved ones’ health – it’s easy for thoughts to become overwhelming.

If something’s getting you down, our free, anonymous and confidential webchat and helpline services are open from 5pm to midnight for anyone who needs to talk.

Find support here.