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Lost Hours Walk: Introducing our first ever CALM event

When it hurts we talk. When the clocks go back we walk. 11pm on Saturday 26 October 2019: Time to unite against suicide.

This event has closed, join us for the 2021 Lost Hours Walk

As time goes backwards, we’re walking forwards to campaign against feeling rubbish, against struggling in silence, against being alone, against living miserably.

16 people take their own life every day, leaving behind thousands of friends, family and colleagues. On the one day we are given extra time, we walk for all those for whom there wasn’t enough.

The Lost Hours walk is our first CALM event and our opportunity to deal with grief differently and defiantly. We want to smash the silence around loss, and remember our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, partners and friends out on the streets of London. Be part of it. Walk with us from Greenwich past Big Ben and back again to make change happen, and continue to grow our life-saving services.

Stuff you need to know

This is a night time walk starting at 11pm. You can choose to walk the full route (c.20miles), from Greenwich past Big Ben and back again, or the shorter route (c.10 miles) that finishes at Oval.

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