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CALM Art Collective: check out our virtual gallery

With a heavy heart last month, The Other Art Fair announced that they're postponing the March event at The Old Truman Brewery until 6th-9th August. It was the right and sensible decision to make - but we still wanted to share all the amazing art that people had submitted to us.

Members of our Art Collective had been due to share work chosen by CALM ambassadors, the Connor Brothers. They had all responded to a brief based around the idea of ‘the journey’ you go on as an artist and the object that has inspired their work. It was so good that we thought 'Why wait until August to share the brilliant, brave and intriguing work that was submitted?'

Above is a piece of work by Tal Brooker, one of our artists chosen to exhibit.

And, as a reminder of the brief (which is now closed), Mike of the Connor Brothers shared some words on an object that has inspired his work:
On my bookshelf at home there is a small carved wooden mushroom. My Dad made it for my Mum when they first started dating as teenagers. Growing up my family moved house frequently, sometimes several times in a single year. It’s the only object I remember always being there throughout my childhood, no matter which house we were in.

When, several years ago, my Dad died, Mum gave me that mushroom. To me it’s a reminder of my Dad’s love for my Mum and, along with her words, it inspired this picture.

Everyone has similar objects, something that evokes strong memories or feelings. For CALM’s The Other Art Fair exhibition we are asking people to pick an object that means something to them, and create an artwork inspired by that object. We’d also like you to send us a brief explanation of what the object and the corresponding artwork means to you.”

So, without further ado, here is our online gallery of ALL of the wonderful work submitted.

If you like what you saw and want to get creative and get involved, join the Art Collective here.