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We choose action this Mental Health Awareness Week

We choose action this Mental Health Awareness Week

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week so you’re going to be hearing lots of chat about #awareness. Personally, we prefer action.

And that feels even more important this year, after 12 months of what we can only describe as a shitshow (sorry mum). Trust us, you want to say, EVERY DAY this year has made us aware of our mental health. To us, Mental Health Awareness Week is a bit like New Year’s Day (bear with us). It doesn’t really mean much but it’s an excuse to make a fresh start, focus on what’s important and make some real change for the year ahead.

So use this week to make that, er, resolution to be a little nicer to yourself, focus on your mental health and build on what you learnt from the hellfire that was 2020.

Of course, we salute every single one of our supporters taking action this week. They’re part of our nationwide movement against suicide, against loneliness, against mental health issues, against discrimination… against everything that gets in the way of a life less miserable. Together with them, we can give more tomorrows to everyone struggling with life.  

The truth is there has never been more #awareness around mental health. What we need now is #action. With the announcement of a roadmap out of lockdown and vaccines rolling out across the country, it feels like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. But as our worlds start to expand again, we know a lot of us are feeling anxious. 

So what do we do? We’ve put together this page for people who are feeling crap or just a bit worried about having to interact with other humans after a year of screen time and not wearing trousers. Just some small, practical things to do that you can do today, tomorrow or two weeks on Thursday. And we’ll be adding to it with a few exciting things as we go through the week.

CALM and Dave's guide to coming out of lockdown

Together with our mates at Dave we commissioned some research and found 81% of us are anxious about the world returning to some sort of ‘normal’.  

To help ease some of the awkwardness, CALM ambassadors Seann Walsh and Suzi Ruffell as well as Stevie Martin, Ahir Shah, Darren Harriott  and Ania Magliano have got some great advice on how to be in the world again. 

Get the full guide

Feel like Crap? We've got an emoji that can help

We’ve all been there – especially in the last 12 months. Feeling so crap that when a mate asks you something you type out – then delete – loads of messages because you just can’t find the words to explain.

So, we’ve taken the fact that people are feeling crap literally and come up with an emoji that you can use to show your mates and family how you feel when words fail you. It’s the first step to action.

Feel like crap? We got you.

Roadmap out of lockdown

We’ve adapted to a new normal, pressing traffic light buttons with elbows and swerving to avoid strangers. Many of us have spent months dreaming of the day all this comes to an end, so why are some of us feeling overwhelmed about the prospect of the UK opening up again?

But it makes sense really: as our worlds slowly start to expand again, it’s normal to feel a bit anxious. In fact 64% of you told us you were feeling anxious about returning to ‘normal’ life.

One of those 64%? We’ve got some tips to help.

Flattening the mental health curve

The pandemic has been tough for all of us – and it has made our mental health worse. Together we need to flatten the curve for everyone struggling with their mental health. We’ve created practical, easy to carry out steps to help us achieve our mission.

Whether it’s by educating yourself, pushing the government to do more or normalising the conversations around all of this, there are many ways to join in and play your part.

Help us flatten the mental health curve.

Spark Change

Running can spark so many things – from endorphins to creativity, confidence to social connections. Pounding the pavement for just 5 minutes can be enough to spark change in your day, your mood or your life.

That’s why we’ve partnered with PUMA – the Spark Change Run is a great way to start running, jogging or a little-bit-of-both-ing.

Take on the PUMA X CALM Spark Change Run this Mental Health Awareness Week.

Action, all year round

If you’re looking to take action for CALM but don’t know where to start – don’t worry, we got you.

We’ve got loads of things you can do to help us reach more people and look after your own mental health. Volunteer. Run for us. Cycle for us. Or, equally, just sign up to our newsletter to get a monthly rundown of more things you can do sent straight to your inbox.

Get a piece of the action.

Talk To Us

If you’re worried about what the future holds take action now. Our helpline & webchat are open from 5pm until midnight. Call us on 0800 58 58 58, or chat to our trained helpline staff online.

No matter who you are or what you’re going through, it’s free, anonymous & confidential.

Need us? We’re here.