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Why every day is World Mental Health Day here at CALM

Why every day is World Mental Health Day here at CALM

There’s always some kind of day to think about, from mate’s birthdays and holidays, to national pizza day (now that’s one we can get behind). World Mental Health Day is just one out of 365 of them. 

Today we’ll be taking action like we do every other day. 

Don’t get us wrong, we’re glad the health of our heads gets highlighted this time of year. We know talking about things helps, but real change also takes action all year round. 

Social media will be flooded with inspirational quotes and hashtags today, but if you’re tired of the talk, check out how you can be part of the Campaign Against Living Miserably, today and every day. 

Take time with your mates

Want to do something for a friend today? You don’t need to make a grand gesture. Drop your mate a message so they know you’re there, meet up for a drink, order your favourite food, or suggest doing something you both enjoy. 

Conversations about this stuff can feel awkward and unnatural, but the more we talk about it, the easier it gets. Double down (gently) if someone tells you they’re okay and you’re not sure they are – just a simple “you sure you’re good?” can go a long way. 

If you’re squirming because that’s not your vibe, don’t stress. Signposting to our services is a great way to indirectly help someone who might be finding things hard. It’s not all on you to support your friend, telling them about our helpline and webchat is a constructive way to be there for them. We have loads of resources you can send their way. 

Take a moment to say “Stay”

Finally, above all the noise today, the one thing we really want you to hear is the word “Stay”. This World Mental Health Day, we want you to know that things can get better, there’s always hope and a reason for living.

Watch Nicol’s story

Nicol felt so low he couldn’t see a way forward. But support from friends and family helped him to begin to look to the future with hope. To decide to stay.

“I value my life so much more than I ever did.”

One word, one message, one call, can mean another day alive. Whether it’s today,  tomorrow, or any other day, join CALM and let someone know you want them to #Stay.

Take a look at our campaigns

We campaign for mental wellbeing all day err day and this year’s been no different. Continuing to find new ways to grab people’s attention when it comes to mental wellbeing, we’re shouting louder than ever about what people can do for themselves and their loved ones. 

CALM always has a new campaign in the pipeline. There’s the Lost Hours Walk where we walk united against suicide, teaming up with Carling to show that football is more than a game, partnering with SEAT to learn the Language of Listening, and working with our pals at Penguin to talk about what’s going on #UnderTheSurface – the Campaign Against Living Miserably never stops.

Take action with Team CALM 

Just £8 will answer a potentially life-saving call, so if you want to take action this World Mental Health Day, you can donate directly or do something you love to raise some cash for our services. People do all sorts of weird and wonderful things for CALM, from burping the national anthem to fund-raving, have a bit of fun with it and do whatever tickles your pickle. 

Don’t think your workplace is woke when it comes to emotional health? We can help out. Stick some CALM posters up around your office to spread the message, or suggest to your boss that your workplace joins forces with CALM to improve mental wellbeing at work. 

Take a breather 

Today can feel overwhelming for all sorts of reasons. If you’re going through something shitty, the endless posts on emotional health can weigh pretty heavy. Or maybe you just feel indifferent and a little meh about awareness days, it’s really not a big deal if you treat this like any other Sunday. 

It’s also fine to step away from social today and take five for you. After all, being an adult is hard – sometimes you just need to sit in your pants, eat what you like and get lost in a dece Netflix series. 

But if you do want to talk on World Mental Health Day, or any day in fact, then the CALM helpline and webchat service is open everyday from 5pm until midnight. It’s free, confidential and run by trained professionals who will support you with whatever you’re going through. 

Be part of something bigger 

At CALM we’re all about standing together against suicide – and we all have a part to play. Hit this link and we’ll send you a newsletter every month so you can campaign, game, fundraise, bake, race, volunteer, cheer or chat over a couple of beers… against living miserably.

If you need us, we're here

If you’re struggling CALM’s helpline & webchat are open from 5pm until midnight. Call them on 0800 58 58 58, or chat to our trained helpline staff online.

No matter who you are or what you’re going through, it’s free, anonymous & confidential.