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You can now play as CALM on FIFA

FIFA is the game that changed football. Every week millions of us play the game - celebrating those victories, gutted by the defeats. And now, from today, football fans from all over the world can play as CALM– the CALM kit is now available in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Yes, you heard that right. FIFA has added bespoke CALM kits, a new crest, and stadium dressing to proudly support our campaign against living miserably and give players the chance to play in the stylish CALM shirt. It’s a thing of beauty:

It’s not just that - there are also special FUT Kits, supporter signs and LED boards all carrying our messages about tackling the stigma around suicide and mental health.

Social distancing might mean you can’t meet up with mates and family, but that doesn’t mean you can’t beat them with a last minute winner, send them sprawling with those step overs, hit those perfect free kicks that nestle in the top hand corner of the net, and brag about being the best… all proudly wearing your CALM kit.

And, while you’re doing all that, we also want to get people talking. That’s the great thing about gaming: you can chat to your mates, connect and share what’s going on in your life. You’ll see the Tackle the Stigma message across the stadium and on the FUT kits because that’s what we need to do: get people opening up about your feelings and talking about what you’re going through.

“It’s difficult sometimes because people don’t know what you might have been going through off the pitch. They judge you thinking you’re at 100% every game, and that’s not always the case.” Michael Keane

Together with EA and Copa90 we’ve also created a special ‘Groundbreakers’ episode, featuring Everton and England defender Michael Keane. In a really frank and honest chat, Keane opens up about his struggles with injury and the mental health issues that it led to. He also describes how it was his teammates who first spotted something was wrong and urged him to talk to someone. It’s definitely worth a watch:

Some tactics on how to make the most of gaming

Last week we announced our partnership with Ukie - as a team we’ve put loads of practical advice together to show you how games can help us have fun, connect with others and get through this lockdown together. Check it out.

While we’re in lockdown, why not fire up FIFA 20, play against living miserably and help raise money to run our vital services?

If you’re as excited by the CALM FIFA kit as we are and want to use the game to help raise money for our life-saving work, we’ve got all the support and ideas you need here.