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CALM Fundraising Terms & Conditions

CALM Fundraising Terms & Conditions

Please continue to check current COVID-19 guidelines published here in the leadup to your event and ensure that what you are doing is compliant and safe.

Thank you so much for choosing to fundraise for CALM, we couldn’t keep our helpline or webchat going without your support and the more you help raise, the more people we can reach. 

The terms and conditions below ensure that you know where you stand as an ‘in aid of’ fundraiser for CALM. Please read them carefully and keep a copy for your own use before you start to fundraise. You are deemed to accept the terms and conditions if you go on to fundraise for CALM: 

You (the fundraiser) understand that as an ‘in aid of’ fundraiser you are organising fundraising events as an independent supporter of CALM. This means that you do not represent the charity. 

You will use your best endeavours to fundraise for CALM. You will not do anything to bring CALM into disrepute. You understand that CALM may terminate your right to raise funds at any time. You will inform CALM at the earliest possible opportunity if you have had to cancel your event due to any circumstances.

You agree that you are undertaking this fundraising activity at your own risk and entirely of your own free will, and CALM shall not be liable in any way for injury, loss or damage which may occur to you, to your helpers and participants, or to property. 

You agree to comply with all applicable laws and obtain all necessary licenses, consents and insurance required for your activity. Including but not limited to: You will not sell alcohol at any event without having the appropriate liquor license; you will make sure your event, and any third parties involved are fully insured and not take unnecessary personal risks; you will not carry out house-to-house collections; you will not collect in any public place without first obtaining a collector’s licence from the appropriate local authority (usually the police or the council); you will not collect on private property (including shops, pubs etc) without first obtaining the permission of the owner or manager; you will ensure any raffles or lotteries are compliant. Find out more HERE on page 13.

You agree to use the CALM logo and name in accordance with the brand guidelines, which CALM will supply. You will get approval in advance from CALM of any use of CALM’s logo in print or digital materials. Any materials mentioning CALM or using the CALM logo should carry the CALM reg charity no 1110621 & Scot SC044347 .

You will not resell or offer for auction CALM merchandise, you may accept donations toward CALM merchandise. You will make sure you only use CALM-branded fundraising materials (in print or electronic form) for fundraising that you have registered with us. You will not use these materials for any other activities. You will return any unused fundraising materials that you will not require in the future to CALM.

You agree that photographs taken during your fundraising activity which you share with CALM may be used to publicise the work of CALM generally and in promotional materials produced by the charity.

You understand you have a legal responsibility to ensure all money raised, including sponsorship money/donations received by you are paid to CALM, and you will endeavour to do so within 2 weeks of the fundraising activity taking place. 

You agree that any information provided by yourself in connection with CALM events may be recorded and used by CALM in accordance with our Privacy Statement which you can read HERE

You understand that all funds raised from your event will support the work of CALM, reg charity no 1110621 & Scot SC044347.