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Standing together,
united against suicide

We’re the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) and we’re taking a stand against suicide. That means standing against feeling shit, standing up to stereotypes and standing together to show life is always worth living.

  • Mark Newsome

    “CALM has helped me when I’ve used the helpline before. If you feel isolated or you’re struggling with your mental wellbeing, reach out. You never need to go through it alone, there’s always someone there. Suicide is still the biggest killer of men and it’s absolutely tragic that people feel it’s the only option.”

  • Izzy

    “I lost my brother to suicide. He was 23 and really passionate about mental health. What happened left a massive hole in all of our lives, but it made me realise that people aren’t always able to talk in moments of crisis because they don’t know where to turn to.”

  • Shirley Ballas

    “You never get over losing someone to suicide. People say, ‘oh in time’, but every single day there’s a reminder. Will it get easier? I’m not sure it gets easier, it just gets different. We’re always sharing my brother’s story in the hope it will help somebody else out there.”

  • Kojaque

    “My dad died from suicide when I was a child. I wrote, recorded and produced the track No Hands on my birthday and it details growing up, feeling alien from a lot of people and not really understanding how to feel about the whole situation. I didn’t know whether to be angry or upset because death is such a confusing thing at a young age.”


Donate, make a difference

£12.20 from you could help us answer a life-saving call.