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We stand out to get
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Campaigns that change the conversation and change society


FIFA is the game that changed football. Every week millions of us play it - celebrating those victories, gutted by the defeats... and now football fans from all over the world can play as CALM with our kit available in FIFA ultimate team.

FIFA added bespoke CALM kits, a new crest to proudly support our campaign against living miserably. There were also special supporter signs around the stadium and LED boards all carrying our messages about tackling the stigma around suicide and mental health.

SEAT - Grow A Pair, Language of Listening

We work with SEAT to help men communicate better about mental health. Our successful “Grow A Pair” campaign saw us install a giant pair of ears in London to encourage men to listen to the people they care about most. And “The Language of Listening” helps remove that awkward stage of seeing if your mate is doing OK by giving you ways to have a chat, really show that you’re listening and help make them feel a little better.

L'eau de Chris

In 2017 L’Eau de Chris – a premium bottled mineral water infused with traces of Chris Hughes’ very own tears shocked the world via social media. In actual fact, it was a guise for #DontBottleItUp – a campaign that brought together Chris Hughes, the Campaign Against Living Miserably and Topman to encourage men to be more open about their emotions. The campaign achieved over 120 million social impressions and national media coverage.

I T V 2 and calm present Do what gets you through hashtag what gets you through


Life has its ups and downs. We work with ITV2 to talk about ways to feel better when you’re feeling flat. Whether it’s through the ITV Hub series The Full Treatment (hosted by CALM ambassadors Kem and Amber) or sharing #WhatGetsYouThrough with the help of a host of big names, our partnership helps encourage people to focus on their mental wellbeing and finding out what works for you.


When you’re struggling, life can feel like it’s been turned upside down. So many of us experienced those feelings during the pandemic, from social isolation, unemployment and money worries, through to domestic abuse, grief and bereavement. All of which meant CALM’s helpline was needed, more than ever. So we took over billboards and bus stops across the country to help more people see a way forward and know that our helpline was here if they ever needed to talk.


We’ve worked with LNER for over 5 years and achieved some incredible things. All 3,000 staff have been briefed on our messaging to help others and signpost passengers to our services, and nearly 100 staff are trained as CALM volunteers. We have posters up at stations, LNER staff and CALM jointly attending multiple UK wide Pride events and staff take on the Great North Run for CALM every year (once entering a team of 75 staff). Through sponsoring Doncaster Rovers’ kit, delay repay donations and auctions they’ve also raised over £300,000 for our life-saving services.

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