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Suicide Prevention

Know the facts | Start a conversation | Save a life

Finding the words

How to: Help someone who’s feeling suicidal

Life-saving stats

Worried About Someone?

CALM's CEO on 2020's ONS suicide figures

CALM Helpline: You can talk to CALM about anything

Why every day is World Mental Health Day here at CALM

Anyone can feel suicidal. There’s always a reason to Stay.

CALM helpline team give their tips on getting through the holidays

Download & Share: World Toilet Day

Finding your own path through Father’s Day

World Suicide Prevention Day: Now, today and tomorrow - united against suicide

How to: Help someone who’s feeling suicidal

The Facts: Why we need to talk about suicide

The Last Photo: Why we need to talk about suicide

Meet the movement against suicide: Indila's Story

The Signs: What signs to keep an eye out for

ONS: Suicide rates are unacceptable. We need to do more

CALM X JAAQ: Got a question on suicide prevention? Just Ask

Giancarlo: I wish my brother had used the helpline, it could have saved his life

Viviana: I'm raising awareness for the helpline after losing my son to suicide

Times are tough. We need to work together to stop people dying by suicide

CALM and Tom Walker team up to show everyone has a lifeline