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CALM needs you

CALM is made up of passionate people, united against one thing. Suicide. Volunteers support the work of our professional helpline staff, helping to get our message into more people’s hands and minds, so we can grow our movement and save more lives. Wherever you are in the country, get involved.

Spread the word

Spreading the word about our services, campaigns and collectives to their communities through social media and in person action.

Cheer Team

Cheering on fundraisers at sporting events and marching in Pride parades up and down the country.


Representing CALM at gigs, sports matches, plays and festivals, along with our CALM-run events like The Lost Hours Walk.

Share our message online

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and sign up to our newsletter for the latest news on what we’re up to and how you can get involved. Once you’re looped in, share, share and share again. Spread the word about our services, campaigns and fundraising events with your friends, family, neighbours, everyone.

Share our message where you are

CALM is often in places you might not expect to find mental health and suicide prevention chat. And that’s thanks to volunteers like you. Whether it’s a sticker, leaflet, badge, or another genius way of getting our message out, CALM wants to be where people need us.

Wanna help? Sure you do. Fill out this form with your details and what you’ve got planned, and you'll be able to order any number of ace things to shout about CALM in your pub, club, workplace or… well, anywhere.

Your own ideas

Got an idea to volunteer for CALM? We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help as much as we can!

Get in touch


Register your interest, and we’ll get in touch with options for how you can make an impact and more information about training.

other ways to get involved

Fundraise for CALM and help support our life-saving helpline

Clubs: Get together, do what you love & feel better for it

Get your company involved

Volunteering FAQ's

CALM’s helpline and webchat isn’t led by volunteers. Our helpline is manned by professional, paid staff, which is something that makes us different to other services out there.