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Challenge at home

Challenge at home

The way we exercise has changed. Gyms and pools are open, then shut, then open again, events are postponed, and we’re all spending more time watching TV than ever. But we know CALM supporters are the active-type, so we wanted to give you some ways to support CALM while getting sweaty.  Whichever way you like to get active, challenge yourself to raise funds for CALM’s life-saving services at the same time.

Remember to follow the government advice on social distancing when exercising.

Run that Marathon

Were you due to take part in a marathon this spring? Put that training to good use and crack on. Use your daily exercise slot to build up enough miles to count as a marathon. Use Strava to track the length of your runs, and for an even bigger challenge – do it all in one go. 

Can’t head outside? Run around your house or even your patio like this legend

Keep friends updated on your journey and fundraise at the same time through your social media platform of choice. Find out how HERE.

On Your Bike

Hop on your bike for your daily exercise and see how many miles you can rack up in a week. Log them on Strava and get people to sponsor you per mile! 

Set up a JustGiving page so people know where to sponsor you. You can post updates using their Strava integration, too.

Keep friends updated on your journey and fundraise at the same time through your social media platform of choice. Find out how HERE.


Kick that ball

We’ve put together a bucket-load of football-themed inspiration HERE, so even though the beautiful game isn’t quite the same right now, you can still find ways to use your love of the game to support CALM.

Think #KeepyUppyForCALM, 500 goal shots, and even maybe start to plan for a tournament.

Take a risk

Can’t decide and willing to risk being randomly assigned any task (not just physical) for CALM? Love a surprise challenge or have always wanted to do something for CALM but didn’t know where to start?

Then Task Me Anything is for you. Simply answer 8 questions and 5 days later a task from the CALM Challenge Generator machine will land in your inbox that you’ll take on – whatever it is! Head HERE to find out more.

Everest Base Camp

From your home? Yep, it’s possible. Reach the elevation of over 5,000m by climbing your stairs at home. The good news? No specialist equipment required! Get some inspiration here. The bad news? It’s harder in a bungalow.

Keep friends updated on your journey and fundraise at the same time through your social media platform of choice. Find out how HERE.


Create your own challenge

An Iron Man in your garden might not be possible for everyone, but get inventive. Create a sports day for your housemates, challenge a group of mates to a virtual push up contest, or find a few people who are up for taking you on in a keepy uppy competition. Once you know what you want to do, let us know.

Make it official

Got an idea? Want to chat to us about it? You can get in touch with CALM here

Looking for some more inspiration or guidance, find it in our fundraising manual here.

Raring to go? Register your plan here, and set up a fundraising page for your friends and family to contribute to. We reckon loads of people would love to see regular updates and videos on your progress – after all, what else is there to do? 

Then head to CALM Kit to order some digital CALM swag to help make the most of your fundraising on social media. Think Facebook banners, logos and more.

Join a collective

It’s at times like these that we need to come together. And what better way than over something you love?

CALM Collectives are all about getting together, doing what you love and feeling better for it. Although we can’t meet face to face right now, our Collectives have active online communities. You might not be able to run with other people, make art collectively, or play for your football team for a while, but you can chat, share encouragement, experiences, stories, laughs, failures and successes. Sound good? Get together online over the things you love HERE.

Thank you

Thank you for supporting us at this weird time. You guys are legends. 

All done and dusted with your fundraising? Pay it into us, and don’t forget to tell us what you did so we can thank you properly. If you’ve been using JustGiving, or something similar, then don’t worry – it gets sent through to us automatically.

Thanks for being part of #TeamCALM and our Campaign Against Living Miserably.

CALM is here for you

Remember that CALM is here for you no matter who you are or what you’re going through.

Our free and anonymous helpline and webchat are open every day, as normal, from 5pm-midnight. If you need support, or are worried about someone, you can get help HERE.