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Become a CALM Mental Health Champion

A CALM Mental Health Champion is someone who has an enhanced understanding of mental health, and has basic strategies to support themselves, and the people in their life.

We’ve partnered with Champion Health to develop a course that teaches you the basic skills you need to become a CALM Mental Health Champion – it takes about an hour, and there’s a quiz at the end to make sure that you’ve picked up the information.

Become a CALM mental health champion today

  • "This brilliant course gives you the tools to improve your own mental health through self-awareness, and learn the skills to be there for your friends and family if they’re struggling. These tools save lives, so I’m really excited to get it out to as many people as possible, for free."



We started working together after Simon, our CEO, met Harry, the founder of Champion Health. Our work resonated with Harry, as he had sadly lost his business mentor to suicide.

Champion Health are well-known, leading experts in the field of workplace well-being. They are diligent about the evidence base for the work and it’s been designed by qualified health professionals, including GPs, psychologists and academics.

We believe that Champion Health’s work is universal and could positively impact anyone who is interested in mental well-being and who comes to CALM through that lens.

- The course takes about an hour.

- There are different topics that you move through, and a few sections in each topic.

- There are interactive elements, like quizzes and diagrams.

- At the end there’s a short quiz, and everything in it is in the course. No trick questions.

- Once you’ve finished the course and done the quiz, you get a certificate of completion.

No, this course won't make you a qualified mental health professional.

It will give you an enhanced understanding of mental health, improve your self-awareness and teach you some basic strategies to improve your well-being.

It will give you the tools you need to have informed conversations about mental health, and be there for your friends and family.

In order to do the course, you need to register and in order to do that we need your email address.

This is so:

- We can save your progress through the course.

- We can send you your certificate of completion once you've finished.

The course was created by Champion Health. We’ve worked with them to create this version of their product, which is tailored for our CALM audience.

As a result, Champion Health holds your data. They do that so you can use the course and benefit from the learning it provides. They will not use your data in any other way.

If you decide to agree to our marketing opt-in, you authorise Champion Health to send your details over to CALM so that we can stay in touch, and keep you up to date with what we’re up to.

Champion Health created the course so that's why it’s hosted on their own domain.

But don’t worry, this is still CALM's version of the course.