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Body Talks: Getting to grips with body image

Body Talks: Getting to grips with body image

We’ve all felt crap about how we look – right? Right. No matter who you are, where you’re from, or your gender, the way your body looks can make you feel rubbish. And while there’s lots of talk out there about unrealistic beauty standards, when it comes to male body image, there’s not much conversation to join. We know men struggle with how their body looks too, so we’re partnering with Instagram and some familiar faces to start a conversation about the good, the not so good, and, let’s be honest, the awkward bits – introducing CALM Body Talks supported by Instagram.

Call it what you want, body positivity, body confidence, loving your body, it boils down to how you look and how you feel about it.  Our research with Instagram reveals that one in two (48%) 16 – 40-year-old men have struggled because of how they feel about their body, making it more important than ever that men are brought into the conversation. That’s why we’re taking a closer look at the pressures men face around their bodies – what they are, where they come from and why they’re a problem. 

Russell Kane: Pressure

Dealing with other people’s expectations of how you ‘should’ look is tiring and can make you feel shit. Russell Kane shares his experience of growing up and expecting to look a certain way, as well as some tips on what you can do if you’re feeling low about body image.

Leon McKenzie: 'Making weight'

Body image worries affect everyone – and professional athletes are no different. In the third #CALMBodyTalks series supported by Instagram, ex-professional footballer and championship boxer Leon opens up about the impact ‘making weight’ had on his mental wellbeing.

Stevie Blaine: Feeling different

Feeling crap about his body took over a decade of Stevie Blaine’s life. After finding support and carving out a community on Instagram, Stevie (@bopo.boy) is passionate about getting more men feeling good about how they look.

Jamie Laing: Height, weight & hairloss

You might know him as one of the likely lads from Made In Chelsea, or perhaps for strutting his stuff on Strictly Come Dancing, but we caught up with Jamie Laing to have an honest chat about body image.

Body worries? You're not alone

CALM Body Talks

Bodies, we’ve all got ‘em. So why is it that men never talk about them?  We asked 2000 men from 16-40 some questions about how their bodies made them feel.

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Get Help On: Body Image

body image and hairloss

Worries and insecurities around how your body looks are completely normal, but if you’re struggling, there’s help out there. Read more about body image here, and don’t forget, you can talk to CALM’s free, anonymous helpline staff from 5pm to midnight everyday.

Get Help On: Body Image