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Caring Team Talks

Caring Team Talks

Take the team talk from the dressing room to your front room with our #CaringTeamTalks. 

Football might be off at the moment – but even when we’re at home and we’re social distancing, you can still captain your team from your front room. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Carling to help us all look out for our squad – and, starting with England legend Stuart Pearce, we’ve got some big names from right across the world of football to help us out.

What are #CaringTeamTalks all about?

Football might be off at the moment – but you can still captain your team from your front room. #CaringTeamTalks are here to help us all get through these challenging times. 

Whenever you’re trying to motivate a team, you need to understand the feeling in the camp. All squads are different but you win, lose, draw and chat together – that’s why you’re a team. We work out where it went right or wrong and who needs picking up, who needs challenging and who needs an arm around their shoulder. And by all pulling together and looking out for each other, we’ll get through this.


The ultimate team talk

With the season getting back into full flow this weekend we thought it was the perfect time to present the ultimate #CaringTeamTalk, featuring a dream team of managers and players.

We may not be at the grounds to watch our teams, but it’s great to see football return to our screens. Enjoy the games, stay safe and most importantly always remember to look out for your teammates when times get tough.

Terry Butcher's story

“With no football on our screens and with more important issues affecting people’s lives, it has become even more vital that we look out for each other, especially those going through a really difficult time. That’s why I’m proud to support this campaign – because the message is so important.

Mental health problems can tear individuals and families apart – our family is one of many that felt helpless and frustrated as we tried to understand our son’s illness and despair. Chris very much felt isolated and alone, even though we were there for him; it would have been a great help to have had someone who was unconnected to the family to speak to. He did have a medical support team but it was at night that he felt most vulnerable – that’s when he needed help the most.” 

“We sincerely hope that this campaign and our son’s story raises awareness of the support that is available through the CALM helpline and that together, we can help save lives.”

Stuart Pearce on staying connected

Every gaffer has their own methods to inspire their team. So we’ve teamed up with some of the best leaders on a football pitch to help get you and your squad through these uncertain times. 

And who better to kick us off than the one, the only Stuart Pearce? The England legend tells us about the importance of staying connected…

Marvin Sordell on being one team

Ex-pro footballer – and CALM ambassador – Marvin Sordell tells us why it’s so important to support each other right now and how we’re all one team.

“This is one of the most physically and emotionally draining periods of time that we’re ever going to face, but support can be found by looking at those around you… we can do this.” Wise and inspiring words – and ones we all need right now.

Simone Magill on being there for people

“It’s so important we’re all there for each other.”

Everton Women and Northern Ireland’s Simone Magill tells us how we all need to stick together to get through these uncertain times.

Seamus Coleman on looking out for others

“You go away knowing that you’ve made that person happy.”

Here’s Everton captain Seamus Coleman with the latest #CaringTeamTalk. He tells us why it’s so important to look out for others and how a simple ‘Hello’ can make someone’s day.

Chris Hughton on the importance of talking

Chris Hughton knows a thing or two about great management. In his #CaringTeamTalk he tells us how it’s vital we speak to family, close friends or CALM about how we’re feeling, even though it might be difficult.

“One thing I always tell my players is that my office door is always open. I know it’s difficult for some. But it’s the same message to you – to speak to your family. Speak to your close friends.”

Jimmy Floyd on helping your teammates

Here’s the one & only Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink with some wise words on how you understand the people close to you better than anyone & the importance of being there for your teammates in these difficult times.

“In football when your teammates are having a bad day they need you to support them – to get them back on form. That’s no different now with your friends and family. You understand the people close to you better than anyone.”

Simone Magill on self-discipline and staying motivated

“It comes down to a lot of self-discipline to motivate yourself.”

Delivering the #CaringTeamTalk today, it’s the return of Everton Women and Northern Ireland’s Simone Magill with an important message on staying motivated in uncertain times and being ready to get back to your goals when the opportunity arises.


Seamus Coleman on supporting your teammates

“Work as a team, support people and do what you can to help each other.”

Seamus Coleman returns to deliver #CaringTeamTalk, this time on how to support your teammates and deal with ups and downs – including some words of advice his Everton teammate Leighton Baines shared with him.


Sam Allardyce on setting yourself goals

“The most important thing is to stay motivated.”

Here with our latest #CaringTeamTalk, it’s Sam Allardyce to deliver some wise words on winning your personal battles and how to stay motivated by setting yourself goals each day.

Tactics for your team

Whoever is in your squad, here are some tactics to help you take what you’d do on the pitch and in the dressing room into real life:

  • Remember all squads are different – the mates, family and people around you who make up your squad all have different needs, and nobody knows them better than you… just spot the signs.
  • One Team – the only way to get through tough games is by standing together – that’s more important than ever before.
  • Listen – the quiet ones often have the most to say, make sure you include them and see how they’re doing.
  • Know when you or somebody else needs help – if you or one of your squad is struggling then get the support that they need. At CALM we’re always here to help.

Carling + CALM = Caring

Carling and CALM are joining forces to help empower people to have those tricky conversations about everyday struggles on their own terms.

We’ve always believed that going to where men naturally connect with friends – in pubs, on the pitch, online and on your phone – is the best way to tackle the unease around asking for help when times are tough.

To help connect mates and communities in these uncertain times, we’ve launched Caring, a campaign designed to open conversations, encourage people to look out for each other and be there when they can’t be there.

Find out more about the partnership.