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Step One – A quick how to

Step One – A quick how to

Just like organising an IRL event, organising an online shindig is a pretty impressive feat. We’ve put together some tips on how to get started below. Even if you’re familiar with setting up events to support CALM, this one will look a little different – after all, it will be completely virtual!

Here’s a quick how-to.

Tell us

  1. Register your event with CALM HERE 
  2. Set up a JustGiving page so people can donate or sponsor your activity. Your fundraising on your Just Giving page will come through to CALM automatically. Pay in everything else you have raised ‘offline’ HERE
  3. Order your ‘Kit’ HERE where you can download everything you need to give your activity that extra CALM edge. 
  4. Use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch or YouTube to live stream your events. Find out how HERE.
  5.  Use Zoom, Houseparty or Skype for activities where you want lots of people to join in by video.

Find out more about fundraising for CALM in our fundraising manual HERE

Tell the world

  • Create a Facebook event: mention it’s in support of CALM, and share it with us, we can add it onto the events on our CALMzone Facebook page.
  • Get social and share your plans on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/TikTok/Discord using the hashtags #TeamCALM.
  • Remember to tag us on Twitter @theCALMzone, on Facebook @theCALMzone and on Instagram @CALMzone.

Next Steps

  • Money Matters:

Use the Fundraise For Charity features in social apps, find out more HERE. If there isn’t a donation button in the app you’ve picked, let everyone know how to donate directly to CALM or through your fundraising page during the stream. Once the event has ended your donation page will still be able to accept donations for a short time – so keep sharing the link! 

  • Decide on the type of event you’d like to stream or hold:

Is it an art class with one teacher, a couple of hours of comedy with a few acts, or a whole night of music with multiple performers? 

  •  Pick the date and time:

Choose a time that works for you and your guests. You may like to run your event from 5pm – midnight any day of the week – the same hours that CALM’s life-saving helpline is open. 

  • Choose a host:

If your activity has multiple acts, consider having a host for the evening which will create continuity. The host can also make sure CALM messaging is included throughout. 

  • Invite performers/speakers/artists to take part:

If your acts aren’t all together in the same household, ask each performer/speaker/artist to take to their social media account from the comfort of their own home and broadcast for between 15 – 60 minutes using the Live options on social channels, before passing the baton to the next performer. 

  • Decide on the format:

Consider splitting your evening into sections. 

For example, when CALM held the Lock-In, it looked like this:

17:00 – 18.00 – Pub Quiz 

18:00 – 19:00 – Cook-a-long and chat

19:00 – 20:00 – Comedy and stand up

20:00 – 22:00 – Live acoustic performances ( a few sets of 20 – 60 mins)

22:00 – 23:00 – Move to the dancefloor

23:00 – 00:00 – Wind down music (it will probably start to get quieter during this session)

  • Confirm the slots and let everyone know the plan:

Confirm everyone is still in. Send the host and performers a schedule, as well as how to talk about CALM and any key messaging.

  • Do a practice run:

Ask some/all of the performers to do a practice run with you to make sure everyone is happy with the process and knows what to expect.

  • Promotion is key:

Make the most of your event and get everyone involved in promoting the event across all socials platforms before, during and after.


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